Our Services: Tech Services

Caribbean Pools offers a wide variety of service options for inground pool and spa customers. Please note, services are for inground pools only.

Tech service employs diagnostic approaches to troubleshooting and repairing numerous mechanical, electrical and plumbing problems of your inground pool or spa. Our customer-minded technicians are happy to examine and provide you with a remedy for your inground pool and spa problem.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Pool Pump Service
    Our Techs will diagnose and service your pool pump. We provide pump motor replacement and new pump installation.

  • Pool Filter Service
    Our Techs will diagnose and service your pool filter. We provide everything from filter cleaning, basic filter service, to new filter installation.

  • General Plumbing
    Our Techs will service your pool equipment plumbing if you notice a leak.

  • Pool Heater Service
    Our Techs will diagnose and service your pool heater. We provide heater tune-ups, heater part repair, replacing of heat exchanges, and new heater installation.

  • Pool Chlorinator Service
    We offer repairs for both inline and offline chlorine and salt system pools. We also provide chlorinator installation.

  • Pool Leak Detection
    We offer pool leak detection through pressure testing and pool diving.

  • Auto Cover Service
    Our Techs will diagnose and service your inground pool auto cover. We offer general auto cover maintenance, tune-ups, and cleanings. We also offer auto cover rope replacement and new cover installation when needed.

  • Pool Lights
    We offer pool light and bulb replacement. We also offer new light system installation.

  • Estimates
    Our Techs will offer free estimates for your pool cover and liner.
To learn more, contact us or visit our retail store. We are here to help!