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Accessorize Your Pool with All Things Fun and Functional

When it is swimming season, it is time to stock up on stuff for your pool! There are many items that are all fun, all functional and a little of both. Check out our list of great add-ons to your pool.

Fountain of Fun: A pool fountain adds an element of adventure for the kiddos, a sense of an oasis with its added sounds and sights as well as a way to help circulate your water. It can even help cool off your pool water as it creates an avenue for evaporation.

Accessories Accessorized: There are a lot of components that come along with keeping your pool clean from skimmers to poles to a vacuum hose. These should be stored in a way that fits your space and not just laying around on your deck or in the crevices of your garage to get dirty. A lidded storage tub can keep your hoses from getting tangled and hangers can help organize poles and skimmers.

Everything in Its Place: Collecting toys and floats is part of being a swimming pool owner! In order to keep your fun stuff in order, have a storage bin on-hand to handle all of this. A mesh unit makes it easy to see what you want and help wet toys and floaties dry to prevent mold. 

Toasty Towels: Cut back on the chill you feel after a night swim! A towel warmer will heat up your pool towels, so they are ready to wrap you in warmth when you exit the pool into the chilly evening air.

Music Made Easy: You certainly cannot rely on your phone for stereo-strength sound. Adding wireless speakers to your deck or pool area allows you to project your tunes for everyone to hear, and the playlist can be controlled right from your phone or device. Floating wireless speakers bring the music right on the water.

Grass-Free Feet: A footbath is a first step toward keeping grass and debris out of your pool. Place one where your family, friends and guests will enter the pool to clean off their feet before jumping in. Just make sure to dump out the dirty water and put in clean as the day or night rolls on for a clean footbath.

Escape Route: Creating a way for critters to escape from the waters will not only save squirrels, frogs and mice, but it will also save you from having to clean out any creatures that cannot get out. A critter-saving ramp is a way for the little guys to gain traction and get out of your pool.

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Our crew members have extensive pool accessory knowledge and can help you pick out some products that you may need or want. You will find pool chemicals, filters, cleaning supplies and spa-specific items in our stores.  Contact us here at Caribbean Pools. 




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