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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying a Hot Tub

Any major purchase can cause stress and anxiety! If you are in the market for a new hot tub, keep these tips in mind so that you make the best and most informed decision on this purchase.

  1. Cheaper is not necessarily better: That old adage, “You get what you pay for,” does apply to larger purchases, such as a hot tub. While you should definitely have a budget in mind, make sure that it is reasonable and that you lean toward a quality product that will have better insulation and quality components. You can rely on our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas for expert advice and guidance.
  2. Jet location: More jets in your hot tub is not better if they are not positioned in appropriate spots to help with your relaxing and rejuvenating time. Having jets in a range of sizes in the correct spots that are adjustable will make for a great hot tub experience. 
  3. Bigger is not better: Think about how you will use your hot tub – for just you and your significant other or as a spot to entertain and hang out? If you will not have many people hanging out, you should not buy a huge hot tub that will just take up space. The extra money can go toward higher-end features on a smaller hot tub instead.
  4. Maintenance necessary: Even if you are currently a pool owner, you may not consider the maintenance and time involved in owning a hot tub. Before you jump into buying a hot tub, understand that there is an element of maintenance that is required during the lifetime of your hot tub. You will need to test the water, add chemicals as needed, drain it out and sanitize it and clean out the filters. 
  5. Additional costs: Beyond the cost of the hot tub, make sure you keep in mind the costs of installation and maintenance, so you will grasp how ownership impacts your budget. If you need to prepare the area for installation and add electrical components, that adds to your initial costs. 
  6. Location, location, location: A hot tub filled with gallons and gallons of water weighs a lot! If you are considering installing it on a deck, it will need to be supportive enough. Also, a hot tub is meant for cooler days and cold nights. You do not want it too far away from your home, so you can get into it without freezing first.

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