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Big Green Egg: Which Size is Right for You?

Even if you are no top chef in the kitchen, you can master the grill outside with an outdoor kitchen or Big Green Egg grill that will help take your cooking skills to a new level. The Big Green Egg line of products is here at Caribbean Pools & Spas as a way to help you create the perfect backyard spot where you can chill, cook, swim, connect and unwind throughout all of the warmer days and nights. 

As the seasons change, you may still be firing up your grill, or maybe you are ready to plan your purchase for the next season of warm-weather cooking. As a spot where you can pick up a Big Green Egg, we can help you determine what size may work the best for you, depending on your family and how much you entertain family, friends, and neighbors. 

Big Green Egg Basics

What continues to make the Big Green Egg a top choice for grilling is how versatile the grill can be. It is able to work at high temperatures for when you want to sear up steaks, pork chops, or hamburgers. You can crust up seafood and grilled fish at high temperatures while leaving them moist inside. Your grill can serve as a smoker to cook ribs, pork roast and more at a low temperature for a longer period of time. This is how you can smoke up pork sliders for football season. With accessories, you can turn your Big Green Egg into a roaster to roast up beef, vegetable, or poultry to really pack in the juices. 

Egg Sizes for All

The Big Green Egg is available in a variety of sizes with accessories to keep you cooking all season long. The large-sized grill is good for an average-sized family who enjoys grilled dishes! It is a perfect fit for your outdoor space and can have a nest or table to make it look good while it is grilling up good food. The XLarge Big Green Egg is for the family who has frequent guests over, as it has room for up to 24 burgers and 12 racks of ribs. This size is also best for a larger family. 

A medium Big Green Egg is for couples, small families and singles who still want to grill up their dinners. It can handle about 6 hamburgers and 4 steaks for those weekend gatherings and cookouts. The smallest of the Eggs is the MiniMax. This size is made to be portable to your campsites and outdoor adventures as it travels easily. No matter what size you purchase, you will enjoy year after year of charcoal flavors.

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