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Can a Hot Tub Overheat?

While your hot tub is supposed to be a relaxing source of heat therapy, you do not want your hot tub itself to overheat. Your thermostat can prompt your heater to shut off, or components within your hot tub can also overheat. Here we take a deep dive into overheating hot tubs.

Reasons behind an Overheated Hot Tub

First and foremost, find out if your temperature setting is higher due to a family member bumping it up without your knowledge or if a timer has been set. Your temperature setting could need to be readjusted, and that should be your first stop when you are worried about the high temperature of your water. Secondly, an electrical issue can spur your hot tub to overheat. This can be a dangerous situation as there is electricity near water. If you are concerned that it is an electrical problem, then immediately turn it off and unplug it from the outlet. Contact an electrical professional before taking any additional steps to determine the issue with your hot tub.

Another reason that your hot tub may overheat is an issue with your hot tub sensor. Check if it is working by lowering the water temperature, and with a thermometer, make sure that the water temperature is decreasing. If it is not getting cooler, then it is more than likely the sensor. Your heating element may not be working as well, or there may not be proper ventilation for certain components of your hot tub, causing it to overheat. Have you been keeping up with proper maintenance? If not, you could have a clogged filter that is causing the pump to work harder. Our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas not only offers hot tubs for sale but also can work with you on hot tub maintenance and repairs.

Finally, the air temperature may be causing your hot tub to overheat. Make sure to take proper care of your hot tub during the off-season when you are enjoying summer days in your inground pool

Signs and Troubleshooting

Your hot tub may be getting hotter than you want, and this is signified by not only the heating element remaining on when it is not in use but also more electricity usage and excessive steam coming out of the water.

A couple of ways to troubleshoot issues include: opening the access doors on super hot days and shielding them from the intense sun, making sure that your filter is clean and clear, and making sure that your water level is high enough. If it’s below the recommended level, your water can become too hot.

Reach Out to a Professional

If you have any concerns, it is best to protect your investment by contacting an expert to inspect your hot tub. You do not want to cause additional problems by working on it yourself. Our team is available via our online contact form




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