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Can You Cover a Shaped Swimming Pool With an Automatic Cover?

pool cover is an integral part of your pool and it can help keep your pool maintained and your water levels and chemicals at an ideal amount. If you are thinking about installing an inground pool that is a unique shape, we look at the different types of covers to help you with your decision. Our Caribbean Pools & Spas crew members are experts in the field and can guide you throughout the pool installation process. 

Pool Covers 101

A pool cover can be in manual, semi automatic or automatic. Any pool cover that you use should be UV resistant, so that it will be able to handle the sun exposure and stand up to fading and damage. Vinyl remains a durable pool cover material as it is heavier and more wind-resistant. Having the help of electrical power to roll up your cover allows for easier lifting if you want an automatic cover.

An underguide system can work well for a rectangular shaped pool as it will easily glide over all of your water. These types of systems are mounted to the top of the pool and have concrete poured over the top of the track so the parts are underground. These systems are low maintenance and can last for years. Flush guide tracks are flush with the patio and just wider than the pool to help cover the entire pool surface, even if it is not a “normal” shape. They do have to go across part of the patio. 

Top-guide track systems are set up to be as wide as the widest part of your pool. The auto pool cover will go across the patio before lowering to the edge of the water. Our crew members can review your pool shape and help you determine what may be the best fit for your pool cover.

Working with the Best

At Caribbean, we sell two dependable pool cover brands: Coverstar and Rayner. Having this essential tool for your pool is more important than you may think. A properly fitting pool cover can help decrease the evaporation of your pool water. This can help you better maintain your pool’s chemical balance and help prevent you from having to fill your pool with water often. The less debris that gets into your pool, the less time you will have to spend taking care of it and the more time you will spend swimming in it!

All of Your Pool Products, Services

Our crew prides itself on being up-to-date on the latest and greatest products and technology. We also have chemicals, cleaning tools and filter components at our locations. You can pick up stuff for your pool and your hot tub with us. If you are ready to hand off any of your pool chores, we can help with cleaning, chemical application, opening and closings, renovations, repairs and more. We can be reached at any time through our online contact form. 




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