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Caring for Your Pool Cover this Winter

When the warmer weather rolls out and you have closed your pool for the season, there is still maintenance to take care of, especially during the winter months. By taking care of your cover year-round, you ensure that your pool will have a long and healthy life that continues to be a spot to make tons of memories!

Give debris the brush-off: First and foremost, you can help your cover do its job of keeping leaves and twigs out of the water by keeping it as clear as possible. You can use a leaf blower or soft-bristle brush to move twigs and leaves off of your cover. Make sure to double-check the areas around your pool’s straps and springs as well. Your cover can withstand heavy snow and trying to remove it with a shovel could cause tears and cuts. Trying to melt snow could also damage your cover with the blast of heat. 

Keep the tension even: Your cover needs to be held in place with equal amounts of tension among your springs, so keep an eye on them throughout the cooler months. Gaps can pop up and smaller creatures can then get inside your water.

Make it visible: During a snowy winter, your pool cover can easily blend in under the large span fo white. It is a good idea to put a marker of some sort around the perimeter of your pool that will be visible during the wintertime to prevent your kids from running around and playing in the area. Snow poles or lawn stakes and twine are two ideas to mark the no-go zone.

Watch your water level: You do not want your pool water to be too high or too low under your cover. You do not want your pool water to touch the underside of the cover as that can create wet spots that attract and keep debris stuck to your cover and cause organic tannins to leak into your water. If your pool water is not high enough, it won’t be able to support the load of snow.

Hole patrol: When there is not snow on your cover, take time to really examine it and its condition. If you do find holes developing, cover it with a patch quickly to prevent further damage.

Our Team is Here to Help Before the Snow Drops

Before it is time to take care of your cover, let us take care of your pool closing! At Caribbean Pools & Spas, we provide a variety of pool services, including pool openings and closings. When we close your pool, our trained technicians take care of everything from checking any leaking areas that may need repairs to blowing out your bottom drain. We power things down and close things up, so that your pool will be at its best when it is time to swim again. If you want more information, reach out to us through our online contact form.




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