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Checklist for Safe Swimming

Swimming and hanging out by the pool is a relaxing and fun way to enjoy long, hot summer days and nights. Make sure everyone is safe and on top of how to be mindful around your pool for a stress-free experience!

Keep the following in mind when it comes to your pool time:

The youngest swimmers: Little ones just want to enjoy their water time and adults can ensure they have the safest and best time possible. As a pool owner, start your children off with lessons at a young age, so that they can become comfortable and knowledgeable around water. Lessons can begin when they are babies as young as 6 months old to get used to being in a pool. An adult should always be around your pool when young children are swimming. It can be a good idea to take turns with other adults to have a point person that is keeping an eye on the swimmers.

Talk to the older swimmers: Have a discussion with your other children and their friends about how to be safe around the pool. A buddy system is a good idea, so that even good swimmers are never alone in the pool without being supervised. While you want swimmers to have fun, make sure they understand that horsing around too much, running, pushing in the water, rough-housing and hanging around the pool equipment can all be dangerous and not a good idea. Talk to your shorter swimmers about not going too far in the deeper end if they are not strong swimmers. Make sure everyone understands the levels of water, so no one is trying to dive into the shallower end.

An unattended pool: As a pool owner, you are responsible to keep your area and property safe when your pool is not in use. Have your proper fencing or perimeter in place around your pool as required by your county or city. Cover your pool when it is not in use. 

Become certified: Adults in your household should be certified to perform CPR in case of an emergency. Take a CPR class in your region to be prepared just in case.

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