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Choosing the Right Shape for Your Swimming Pool

If you are ready to take the plunge into pool ownership, there will be some decisions that are harder than others. For instance, you will need to determine what shape you want your inground pool to be as that will set the stage for the rest of your pool’s design as well as the hardscape and other outdoor living space areas. Not only should your pool’s shape fit your style, but it also has to fit your yard! 

Here we look at some concepts to keep in mind when you are selecting your pool’s shape:

Straight or curvy: If you are a person who prefers linear shapes, then that will help guide your pool design decision. At Caribbean Pools & Spas, we offer inground vinyl pool shapes in your basic rectangle or in a more sophisticated Grecian style. There are many curvy options that can create a free flowing feel or oval vibe. Some shapes bring together curves and lines in a stylish way.

Current and future landscaping: If you have existing greenery and hardscaping, then your pool shape will need to be incorporated into what is already there. If you are creating a whole new oasis, but have in mind how you want your area around your pool to look, keep this in mind during this decision.

Available space: Sometimes, pool owners are limited in their shape and design due to the amount of space that you have on your property. Our specialists can review your options with you by seeing exactly what we are working with. You do not want to take up your whole backyard with a shape that takes up too much room.

Future features: An infinity edge, water fountain, lighting and more can also dictate the best shape for your pool. 

More than fun: If you are planning on swimming laps as a form of exercise, then maybe a curvy pool is just not for you. Take into consideration the ways that you will be utilizing your pool before you finalize your pool’s shape.

Room to grow: Your shape can also be altered by your plans for elements that will eventually go around your pool. If you are hoping to add an outdoor living space area with comfy couches or a dining set for entertaining, you should know this upfront. Having an entire outdoor design plan will help you pinpoint your pool shape selection.


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Once you are comfortable with putting a new pool into place, our team will take over all of the details and make sure that your installation process goes as smoothly as possible. We have extensive experience and can direct you on common questions and concerns. Our installation process is thorough and makes sure that you have everything you need from Day One. We take care of all of the pieces of the project. Reach out through our online contact form.




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