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Best Pool Installers Near St. John 

Installing a new swimming pool doesn’t have to be stressful. While the process does involve multiple stages, you won’t have any problem when you choose a professional pool installation company to handle it for you. At Caribbean Pools, you can speak with the best pool installers near St. John. 

How Our Best Pool Installers Near St. John Can Help

Pool installation usually takes several weeks to be completed. Various factors, such as severe weather and the design’s complexity, impact this timeframe. We complete installations in a timely manner while upholding your highest expectations in regard to quality and aesthetics. 

Swimming pools have both technical and aesthetic aspects. On one hand, you want the pool to function properly, and so you need to be able to maintain it and troubleshoot basic problems on your own. In addition, your pool should be visually appealing. Landscaping, vinyl siding and other accessories help make your pool a beautiful, inviting space. With over 40 years of experience handling pool-related matters, we can help you create the poolscape you’re dreaming of. 

We Make Pool Installation and Maintenance a Breeze

One of the biggest concerns individuals have before getting an inground pool is the idea that they are a pain to manage. You may have heard about everything that goes into keeping an inground pool in good shape: from adding chemicals to balance pH to fishing out leaves that have fallen in. While it’s true that pools require some TLC, it’s easy to do with the right tools. Our team will ensure you have all the essentials to care for your pool, including a vinyl cover, leaf rakes, chemicals, chlorine and more. We even offer training in the pool basics, so you have the knowledge you need to handle any potential issues down the line. 

Discover the wide scope of our services:

  • New Pool Construction: We build poolscapes from scratch. Watch as we turn your boring yard into a private getaway with all the features you need. From the excavation stage to the final testing process, you can expect our team to do a dependable job. 
  • Pool Repairs. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. If your pool is malfunctioning or a part broke and needs to be replaced, just give us a call. We repair inground pools for new and existing clients. Even if we didn’t install your pool, we are more than happy to lend you a hand. 
  • Product Recommendations. Finding the right pool chemicals and cleaners isn’t always easy. If you’re having trouble picking the right solution, talk to our team. For instance, is your pool growing algae? Did your vinyl cover tear? Just let us know what you’re having trouble with, and we’ll guide you to the right product. 

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Are you wondering about the benefits of an inground pool? There’s so much to discover, so get in touch with the best pool installers near St. John at Caribbean Pools! We’d love to discuss your project with you. 

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