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Chesterton New Pool Construction

Caribbean Pools is proud to be the industry leader in Chesterton new pool construction. Whether you’re looking for a space to entertain friends and family or simply want to pool to sit back and relax after a full work week, we can take care of it. Give Caribbean Pools a call today to begin your Chesterton new pool construction process.

What to Consider Before Chesterton New Pool Construction

Chesterton new pool construction is a big deal, and there is a lot to think about prior to beginning to design and construction process. There is nothing worse than having your sights set on installing a brand new pool for your family to enjoy just to find out your dream poolscape is impossible to construct. Before approaching a contractor to begin your Chesterton new pool construction, consider the following:

  • It will require maintenance: In order to keep your pool in the best possible condition, you will need to perform regular maintenance. This includes cleaning debris, balancing pH levels, paying close attention to calcium numbers, and maintaining the proper chlorine levels. Luckily, if you are new to inground pool care, our team of professionals has the resources to help you navigate your pool chemistry.
  • You will need to adhere to zoning requirements: While Caribbean Pools offers countless options for your Chesterton new pool construction, you still must take into consideration the zoning rules and conditions of your pool. Typically, you need to have your pool enclosed in a fenced-in area. In addition, you will need to be mindful of where you install your new pool in your yard, as there are general guidelines of how close to your home, as well as the property line, you can construct a pool. To assist in ensuring your pool meets all of the requirements of these zoning regulations, our team will reach out to your municipality to acquire the necessary permits and schedule the needed inspections.
  • It is an investment: It’s essential to think in the long-term when planning your pool, as it will be around for many years. That being said, Caribbean Pools can perform updates and refurbishments on your pool if you decide to change up the look down the road. 

What Sets Our Contractors Apart

When you’re considering Chesterton new pool construction, you must work with the best and most trusted companies around. Over the past four decades, Caribbean Pools has gained clients’ trust all across Northwest Indiana and Chicago’s southern suburbs. We’ve installed thousands of pools and assisted in caring for hundreds more. This experience, mixed with our team’s dedication to client satisfaction, helps set our pool contractors apart. When you recruit the Caribbean Pools team to complete your Chesterton new pool contraction, you know you will be in the right, capable hands.

Schedule Your Chesterton New Pool Construction Today

Getting ready to begin your Chesterton new pool construction is an exciting time. If you’re interested in starting the thrilling journey to a new inground pool, give Caribbean Pools a call. Our team of experienced pool contractors can assist you from design to post-installation training.


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