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If you own an inground pool, you are likely familiar with how vital Chesterton pool chemicals are in keeping your waters balanced and clean. Knowing which chemicals to purchase can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. If you need help picking out chemicals for your pool, Caribbean Pools is here for you.

The Chesterton Pool Chemicals You Need

High-quality, Chesterton pool chemicals are a must when it comes to your pool waters’ cleanliness and balance. It can be challenging to determine what products to purchase, so be sure to speak with Caribbean Pools’ chemical professionals. Shop our range of Chesterton pool chemicals online or in-store to discover the top, professionally recommended brands in the industry. 

Your safety is the Caribbean Pools team’s main concern, which is why we will walk you through the different types of chemicals we offer and the vital role they play in your pool. Interested in the chemicals we always recommend to clients? Here are just a few:

  • Chlorine: Keep your summertime fun safe all season long with chlorine. This is one of the most critical and essential Chesterton pool chemicals. Chlorine kills germs and prevents the germs that cause uncomfortable viruses such as swimmers ear.
  • Shock: If you need to raise the chlorine levels in your pool quickly, shock products are your go-to product. Shock assists in rapidly killing bacteria, germs, and other harmful substances.
  • Balancers: To keep pH levels balanced, prevent scaling, and protect your chlorine levels, pool water balancers are your best friends. Maintaining all of these areas of your pool help to keep it clean and maintain your clear waters.
  • Enhancers: To cut down on the amount of time you spend outside of the water instead of inside, pool enhancers are the products for you. Enhancers help your filter perform better, as well as keep the crystal clarity of your waters.
  • Spring & Winter Chemicals: To prepare your pool for its hibernation period in the winter and wake it up in the spring, adding the proper Chesterton chemicals is recommended. These chemicals help to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria and germs, as well as eliminate grim and other unwanted substances out of your pool when you’re ready to open or close it for the season.

Rely On Us to Keep Your Pool and Spa Safe

While we are known for our inground pool installation and Chesterton pool chemicals selection, Caribbean Pools also offers chemicals that help you maintain your hot tub as well. Using sanitizers to eliminate bacteria, manage heavy metal levels, and balance pH levels are essential. To ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your at-home spa, speak with a member of our retail team members to discover which spa-specific products are the best fit for your spa.

Purchase Your Chesterton Pool Chemicals Today

When you need the best Chesterton pool chemicals to care for your pool, visit Caribbean Pools. Our online store is stocked with our best products, as well as our three locations in Valparaiso, Mokena, and Schererville.

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