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Chesterton Pool Repair Contractors Keep You Swimming

Your pool is a huge investment – money upfront and the time that it takes to keep your water clear and components functioning. At Caribbean Pools & Spas, our team can work with you on whatever issues you may be having whether it is a possible leak or damaged cover. We have been in the industry since 1976, serving our communities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region. We help you hang out in your pool and not spend summer working on your pool. Our services and products will keep your water clean and sparkling and let you enjoy your outdoor oasis.

Chesterton Pool Repair Contractors Can Work on All Pieces

Our professional team can review, troubleshoot and repair a mix of mechanical, electrical and plumbing problems related to your inground pool or hot tub. We can look at your pool pump and replace the motor or install a new pump if needed. We can service your pool filter from cleaning to installing a new one. If your heater is not working properly, we can provide a tune-up, heater part repair, replace the heat exchanges or install a new heater. If you see that there is a leak, we can work on your pool equipment plumbing. Our team is schooled in pressure testing and pool diving to help detect and determine next steps if there are any leaks. 

If you are noticing an issue with your pool’s auto cover, we can tackle that problem too. We provide basic auto cover maintenance, tune-ups and cleanings. We can replace your auto cover rope and install a whole new cover if you need a new one. Your pool lights really set the mood! We can replace any burnt-out bulbs or put in a new light system. If you need any time of repairs, we can offer a free estimate and review the work with you first.

Chesterton Pool Repair Contractors and More

Our Caribbean crew can help with seasonal maintenance at the beginning and end of the summer as well as recurring maintenance that needs to take place throughout the swimming weather. We can assist you when it is time to open or close your inground pool. We also offer a variety of packages that can help you with your water chemistry by testing, adding chemicals or vacuuming your pool too. There are varying levels to fit your needs. If you need a renovation, our trained professionals can work on damaged walls. We can replace your liner as cracked siding can lead to many issues.

Chesterton Pool Repair Contractors Can Help You Today

We know how upsetting it can be when your pool is not working properly. Our trained expert technicians are ready to review your issue and fix or replace the piece today. Reach out to us when you need help through our online contact form.

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