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Caribbean Pools is your one-stop-shop for all of your Chesterton pool supplies needs. Whether you’re looking for the right chemicals to balance your waters or need a replacement hose for your pool vacuum, our pool professionals can assist you in finding exactly what you need. Visit one of our retail locations located across Northwest Indiana and the southern suburbs of Chicago, or take a peek at our online store to find the Chesterton pool supplies you seek.

Chesterton Pool Essentials

High-quality Chesterton pool supplies are essential when caring for your inground pool. Whether you’ve recently had Caribbean Pools install your pool or you have had a pool for many years, we have pool supplies that you need for unbeatable prices. Find the products that our own pool professionals use and recommend that will help keep your pool clean, safe, and dependable for years to come. Some of the essential Chesterton pool supplies include:

  • Skimmer: To get leaves, bugs, and other floating debris out of your pool, investing in a high-quality skimmer is vital. A skimmer allows you to get the hard-to-reach debris that has drifted into the middle of your pool, as well as anything that may have dropped to your pool’s floor.
  • Pool Cover: A pool cover is essential to keep debris out and protect your chlorine levels from depleting. Caribbean Pools has a large selection of beautiful and highly-functional pool covers that protect your pool.
  • Water Testing Strips: Keeping your water levels at an acceptable range is vital to keeping you and your family safe and healthy. A test kit, complete with water testing strips and more, helps you determine if more chlorine is needed or if your water’s pH levels are out of balance.
  • Chemicals: Speaking of pH levels and chlorine, Caribbean Pools carries professionally recommended pool chemicals designed to keep your pool balanced and clean at all times. From shock to sanitizers and algaecides, our team carries it all.
  • Replacement Filters: Your pool filter plays a fundamental role in your pool. Regularly replacing the filters is essential in keeping it working correctly, as well as maintaining the cleanliness of your pool.

More Than Chesterton Pool Supplies

When we carry a vast array of Chesterton pool supplies, Caribbean Pools also sells outdoor living products essential to crafting the perfect backyard escape. Build up the area around your pool with an entertainment space that is sure to leave you speechless. Prepare your next barbeque on a beautiful outdoor kitchen, or snuggle up on chilly nights next to an elegant outside fireplace. Whether you’re looking for the perfect space to host the ultimate summer block party or hold an intimate family gathering, Caribbean Pools is here to help you design a beautiful patio.

Visit Caribbean Pools Today for All Your Chesterton Pool Supplies

Don’t run out of the Chesterton pool supplies you need. Visit Caribbean Pools in Valparaiso, Mokena, or Schererville to see our products in-person, or check out our online store for convenient Chesterton pool supplies shopping. 

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