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Caribbean Pools may be known for our expert inground pool installation, but we have more offer than just design and construction. When you’re looking for Crown Point pool supplies, we are your one-stop-shop. Find exactly what you’re looking for at unbeatable prices, all in one convenient place. Visit our online store or one of our three retail locations today.

Only the Best Crown Point Pool Supplies

When caring for your pool, you’ll want the highest quality Crown Point pool supplies on hand. At Caribbean Pools, we only offer products from the most trusted companies. Find brands such as BioGaurd, Frog, Natural Chemistry, and Cover Blast can be found online, and in all three of our conveniently located retail locations. 

Recommended Crown Point Supplies

Knowing precisely what Crown Point pool supplies to keep on hand can seem overwhelming when you’re a new pool owner. Which brand of chlorine should you purchase? Is a testing kit necessary? Do you need to invest in a self-cleaning machine? Luckily, the pool experts at Caribbean Pools can help you find what you need to get the most enjoyment out of your pool.

  • Chemicals: Chlorine, pool shock, and anti-algae and scale products are some of the most important Crown Point pool supplies you can have on hand. These ensure that your pool stays clean and safe for you to enjoy.
  • Cleaning Supplies: When debris finds its way into your pool, use a skimmer or vacuum to get your water crystal clear again. Caribbean Pools offers both manual and automatic vacuum products to make cleaning your inground pool a little easier.
  • Floats and Toys: The best part of having an inground pool is getting to spend countless hours enjoying time with friends and families. Caribbean Pools always recommends stocking up on floaties, toys, and extra pool features such as lights, water features, and more to get even more enjoyment out of your pool!
  • Extra Pool Equipment: Having extra pool equipment on hand in the event of a malfunction or damage is always recommended, just in case you can’t make it into our retail locations. Pump covers, an extra pool cover, and extra filters are great Crown Point pool supplies to keep stocked up at your home.

Backyard Entertainment

While you’ll spend most of your time by the pool enjoying the refreshing water, it’s essential to have entertainment options outside of the water as well! Caribbean Pools offers a wide variety of outdoor living products that are sure to boost your backyard’s enjoyment level.. From outdoor kitchens to firepits to spas, our team of backyard experts can help you create an outdoor paradise you’ll never want to leave. Ask any of our retail specialists or pool contractors how we can turn your backyard into the ultimate, travel-free vacation destination.

Purchase Your Crown Point Pool Supplies Today

Visit Caribbean Pools today to stock up on high-quality Crown Point pool supplies. Our retail experts can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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