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Having an inground swimming pool means nothing if you’re not using Dyer pool chemicals to maintain it. At Caribbean Pools & Spas, you can find everything you need, from shock to chlorine. Let us help you properly care for your pool. Stop by one of our three retail locations in Schererville, Mokena, or Valparaiso to view our extensive selection of pool products.

Importance of Dyer Pool Chemicals

While there is plenty of discussion surrounding Dyer pool chemicals, no one ever discusses just how important they are for inground pool owners. Not maintaining the proper chemical levels can cause your pool water to grow dirty, cloudy, and overall unpleasant to swim in. Additionally, not treating your pool with the appropriate Dyer pool chemicals can cause irreparable damage, and replacements or repairs will need to be done. While there are several essential functions chemicals play in your pool, some of the most critical includes:

  • Balance pH Levels: Maintaining proper pH levels in your pool is essential. The pH scale ranges from base to acid. If your pool’s pH levels are too acidic, you run the risk of your equipment and pool surfaces. If your levels drift too far in the other direction, cloudy water, scaling, and calcium deposits run the risk of developing. 
  • Maintain Calcium Levels: The calcium levels in your pool represent the amount of calcium that has dissolved in your water. Having too high calcium levels can cause deposits to develop in your pool. On the other hand, too low calcium levels can damage your vinyl liner and cause fiberglass pool issues.
  • Regulate Chlorine Levels: Chlorine is one of the most essential Dyer pool chemicals and one you’ve likely heard the most about. Chlorine helps keep pool water clean and clear by sanitizing and breaking down bacteria. When you have improper chlorine levels, it can lead to an imbalance in pH levels if too high and cloudy pool water and algae growth if too low. Chlorine levels can also have an impact on your body. High levels of chlorine can cause skin, lung, and eye damage if exposed for too long.

Only the Best Dyer Pool Chemicals at Caribbean Pools & Spas

Properly caring for your inground swimming requires the best Dyer pool chemicals. At Caribbean Pool & Spas, we carry only the best chemicals from the best brands. Find everything you need to properly maintain your pool and more when you visit our online store or retail locations. We know that having options is important. That’s why we offer a range of Dyer pool chemicals so our customers can have access to everything they need in the desired form. Our products include:

  • Chlorine tablets
  • Powder and liquid shock products
  • Mineral reservoir products
  • Anti-scale cleaners

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When taking care of your pool, only the best Dyer pool chemicals will do. Shop Caribbean Pools & Spas’ selection of high-quality chemical products to keep your pool water crystal clear. Visit our online store or our retail locations to shop.

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