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Dyer pool supplies are some of the most important items when it comes to caring for your pool. From helping to keep your pool clean to keeping the water safe for you and your family to swim in, high-quality pool supplies make a big difference in your pool’s appearance and function. At Caribbean Pools & Spas, we offer the best of the best Dyer pool supplies to all of our customers. If you’re looking for the latest tools to clean your pool or simply need to restock your chlorine supply, stop by one of our three retail locations across the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland areas.

Professionally Recommended Pool Chemicals

When you invest in high-quality pool chemicals, it makes an immense difference. Crystal clear waters, perfect chlorine levels, balanced pH levels, and easier tile maintenance are just a few of the perks of purchasing professionally used and recommended pool chemicals Caribbean Pools & Spas has to offer. Our retail locations and online store are stocked with the best pool chemical brands such as BioGaurd, Frog, and New Water. Have questions regarding which products you need to maintain your pool? Ask one of our pool professionals, and they’ll be happy to assist you!

High-Quality Pool Covers

To keep your pool clean of dirt and debris and preserve your pool’s energy, you need the best pool cover. Without a high-quality cover, your pool’s water levels and pH balance is negatively impacted, resulting in the need to refill your pool and rapidly go through pool chemicals frequently. When you cover your pool when not in use, you prevent water from evaporating and will allow you to use the time spent refilling your pool to swim in it instead! Additionally, your cover will help preserve your pool’s temperature, effectively cutting the cost of heating your pool.

Caribbean Pools & Spas is proud to carry Dyer pool supplies from the best brands on the market, and our covers are no exception. Find covers in various options, including manual and automatic covers, from brands such as Coverstar and Rayner. Plus, if you’re looking for a quality cover for your spa, Caribbean Pools & Spas carries those as well!

Pool Cleaning Essentials & Equipment

A large part of owning an inground pool is keeping it clean. To help you maintain your pool’s crystal clear waters, Caribbean Pools & Spas carries the best Dyer pool supplies. To aid with cleaning the hard-to-reach spots, pick up a skimmer and pool vacuum. To get maximum use out of your vacuum, consider equipping it with high-tech extensions that allow you to deep clean your pool. Pool brushes are a handy way to scrub down your pool’s walls and floor, and a high-quality pool filter helps to catch small debris your skimmer may miss and collect dirt particles before they can settle on the bottom of your pool. 

Visit Today for Dyer Pool Supplies

Don’t settle for less when you’re looking for Dyer pool supplies. Caribbean Pools & Spas offers the best brands of pool chemicals, covers, and equipment. Visit one of our Northwest Indiana or South Chicago locations or check out our online store to start shopping today.

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