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Frankfort Inground Pool Installers

With over four decades of significant inground pool installation experience, Caribbean Pools’ Frankfort inground pool installers are some of the most sought-after pool contractors in the area. Our team installs over 100 inground pools each year and helps countless other homeowners maintain their inground pools and spas. If you’re ready to make waves with a brand new inground pool, call Caribbean Pools!

What to Know Before Hiring Frankfort Inground Pool Installers

Investing in an inground pool is a huge commitment, not only monetarily but in time and space as well. When you hire Frankfort inground pool installers, they will be spending a large amount of time in your yard during the construction process, limiting the amount you can spend in your yard as well as where. However, sacrificing a few weeks for installing your pool is almost always worth it, especially when Caribbean Pools is performing your pool’s construction.

That being said, there is a small handful of additional factors to take into consideration before you hire Frankfort inground pool installers. 

  • Your pool is going to require maintenance
  • Installation can take up to five weeks or more, depending on complexity, weather, etc.
  • How you plan to utilize your pool impacts the type, shape, and size of the pool install
  • If your yard isn’t fenced, you may have to install a fence around your pool

Benefits of Installing an Inground Pool

As we mentioned, installing a swimming pool takes up a lot of time and space in your yard, but it’s worth it. From increasing the amount of time you can spend with friends and family at home to improve your yard’s relaxation levels, there are several benefits to installing a new inground pool. Some of our favorite positives of an inground pool include:

  • Customization: Inground swimming pools are highly customizable, especially compared to above-ground or temporary pools. Caribbean Pools’ Frankfort inground pool installers can help you choose the right pool for you, as well as extras to help make your pool unique.
  • Privacy: Having fun in the privacy of your backyard is always a bonus. It’s easier to relax and enjoy your time with family when it’s just you and no one else around.
  • Save on Vacations: When you have an inground swimming pool, you have access to the ultimate staycation all summer long—no more expensive vacations to warmer areas with beaches! Just walk out your backdoor and jump into your pool.
  • Increase Real Estate Value: An inground swimming pool is an investment that has a great return. When you install a pool, you’re adding significant value to your property, both monetarily and aesthetically.

Jump Into a New Pool Today!

The Frankfort inground pool installers at Caribbean Pools are here to assist in designing and constructing your brand new pool. We can help you customize your pool to include all of the features you’ve always dreamed of, from waterslides to diving boards and more. Give our pool experts a call at 708-479-5900 or send us a message to schedule a consultation today.

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