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Have you been dreaming of installing a beautiful new poolscape but not sure where to start? Partnering with a highly-experienced construction team is the first step you should take. Caribbean Pools, one of the top Frankfort pool construction companies, can take your backyard from uninviting to unforgettable in just a handful of weeks. If you’re ready to take the lead and finally install the pool of your dreams, reach out to our pool contractors.

Our Team Can Transform Your Yard

With over four decades of experience constructing pools in the Chicagoland area, Caribbean Pools is one of the oldest and most successful Frankfort pool construction companies. From designing a flawless poolscape design to creating functional and luxurious outdoor living spaces, our team truly transforms the backyards – and lives – of countless homeowners. In fact, we tackle over 100 inground pool installations each year! Even though we’re busy, each project is given our contractors’ undivided dedication and is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Expert Tips for Designing a Pool

Planning your inground swimming pool is no easy feat. Many decisions go into designing a pool, some of which can feel a little overwhelming. When you work with Caribbean Pools, though, these decisions will feel like a breeze with our pool professionals’ helpful guidance. Some of the most common items of advice we give to clients when they are in the process of designing their pool include:

  • Consider its function: Always choose a pool design that adds to the experience you’re trying to create. Whether you’re looking for a lap pool, backyard hangout, or ultimate relaxation destination, the size, shape, and features you add to your pool should lend themselves to your pool’s purpose.
  • Think of the full poolscape: It’s not enough to install an inground swimming pool! You’ll want to complete your backyard by building up the area around it. Creating a functional poolscape, complete with an outdoor living area and hot tub, is the perfect finishing touch to your new inground swimming pool.
  • Think about chlorine vs. saltwater: How you sanitize your inground pool is essential. Two of the most efficient and popular ways to keep your pool clean is through chlorine or saltwater. Both have their advantages, so just ask your designer which systems they utilize or prefer to get a better idea of which system will work best for you. 
  • Look into automation: Complete home automation doesn’t need to end at the backdoor. If you’re looking for convenient pool opening and closing, equipment management, and more, automating your pool is a fantastic option. Access all your pool’s features on your smart device for a completely stress-free experience.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the decisions made for each of the above. Your pool designer will happily help you choose the best features for your needs.

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If you’re ready to have a beautiful inground swimming pool installed by the best of the Frankfort pool construction companies, contact Caribbean Pools. Our construction team has the tools and experience you need to transform your yard into the ultimate backyard living space.

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