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Do you have all the Frankfort pool supplies you need to maintain your inground swimming pool? The experts at Caribbean Pools have all the tools and products you need to stay on top of your pool’s maintenance. Whether you’re looking for chemicals or floats, we have what you need the most. Visit your local Caribbean Pools retail location or look at our online store to see what we have in stock. 

Dependable Frankfort Pool Supplies

There’s nothing worse than preparing to perform your weekly pool treatment and realizing you don’t have the Frankfort pool supplies required to get the job done. When you shop at Caribbean Pools, you’ll never have to worry about that. We make purchasing the necessary supplies quick and convenient, with three centrally-located locations across the Chicago and Northwest Indiana areas, as well as a fully-stocked and easy-to-navigate online shop. We also take the guesswork out of acquiring your Frankfort pool supplies, as our staff is always close by to provide professional guidance and advice. 

Some of our most popular products include:

  • Leaf Skimmers: Don’t let pesky leaves get you down. With a high-quality skimmer, you can snag even the hardest-to-reach leaves and debris in your pool.
  • Pool Vacuums: You may think vacuuming is only reserved for the home, but your pool’s floor requires a deep cleaning every now and then too. Pick up a pool vacuum and extensions so that you’re prepared to keep your pool floor dirt and debris free.
  • Chemicals: Sanitize, fight algae, and more with high-quality pool chemicals. We carry the top pool brands to ensure our customers have the best products for their pool. 
  • Floats: Pump up the fun with inflatable pool floats and more. We have a range of tubs, rafts, and more in-stock, so stop in and check out your options!
  • Test Kits: Staying on top of your pool’s chlorine, pH, and calcium levels is essential. Pick up a test kit with all the necessary equipment to test your water. Or, stop into your local Caribbean store and have one of our analysis professionals test your water for you.

Frankfort Pool Supplies, Services, and More!

While we carry some of the best Frankfort pool supplies around, we also offer comprehensive, professional pool maintenance, repair, and renovation services. If you’re experiencing difficulties with your pool and are unsure where to begin fixing it, call Caribbean Pools! We have professional technicians in the field six days a week assisting clients when they need it the most. From a simple pump tune-up to replacing your pool’s entire liner, our team has what it takes to complete the job right.

Stop By Caribbean Pools Today!

Keep your pool in phenomenal shape while maximizing your enjoyment with high-quality Frankfort pool supplies from Caribbean Pools. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the hunt for the perfect chlorine brand to sanitize your pool or want to purchase fun pool toys and floats; our team has the supplies you desire! Stop in or call Caribbean Pools today to stock up on Frankfort pool supplies!

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