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Highland Pool Installers Spark Summer Fun

Once you work with our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas, you truly become a member of our extended family. We have always felt that family is at the core of what we do: bringing loved ones, neighbors, and friends together for a season of having fun relaxing outdoors, swimming, and spending time together. We launched our company in 1976 with all of this in mind, and we continue to serve our communities here in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region with all of our inground pool and spa services. From installing your new pool to maintenance and openings to renovations, we can take care of all of your inground pool needs. We understand that your inground pool is an investment, and we will help you make the most of it year after year and season after season.

Highland Pool Installers Help You With the Whole Process

Once you are ready to take the plunge into pool ownership, you can rely on our crew members to take you through the process. You can expect the installation process to take a few weeks, depending on the weather and any issues that may come up. Our team will take care of everything, including obtaining the proper permits for the project, removing dirt, all electrical work, concrete work around the outside, your stone backfill, lessons on how to manage your pool water’s chemicals, and how to operate the equipment and more. We can go over what type of pool you want, such as the design and size as well as what kind of liner you want. Your new pool start-up kit will have all of the key pieces that you will need to get going on being a pool owner, including a thermometer, test kit, safety rope, vacuum pieces, and skimmer net. 

If you find that you begin to get overwhelmed as the weeks go on, you can contact our team to help with your pool’s regular maintenance. Our packages can have us visiting your place a couple times a week to help with testing your water and applying chemicals as needed as well as cleaning your pool from brushing the walls to vacuuming. We understand you are busy, and we are here to help you have fun in your pool and not spend too much time working on your pool.

Highland Pool Installers Available for Pool Upkeep

Sun, humidity, wind, pool chemicals and beyond will take a toll on your pool as the years go on. There may come a time when you need repairs to your equipment, a check if there is a leak, or a total renovation of an area. Our team is trained to help with any of these projects at any time.

Reach Out to Your Highland Neighborhood Pool Installers

Our crew members can assist with your project and answer your questions via our online contact form.

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