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Highland Swimming Pool Contractors Create Your Perfect Space

Adding an inground swimming pool is a great adventure that will pay off in fun and memories! Our professional team of experts at Caribbean Pools & Spas has experience in all things pool ownership right from the beginning. Our team can work with you throughout the process of putting in a new inground pool on your property from obtaining permits to introducing you to the chemical application with a startup kit. We not only work with pools, but also spas and have many key resources and equipment and tools needed at our locations throughout our Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana communities.

Highland Swimming Pool Contractors Dig Deep to Help

The thought of digging up your backyard may be stressful or intimidating, but we promise that you are in the hands of pool specialists. We will begin your installation with a conversation and review of your property to ensure that we can create the pool of your dreams. We can assist with any decisions that you are nervous about such as the pool shape or placement. Our craftsmanship will be evident in the work that we put together and our customer service will be on display as we guide you and answer every and all of your questions as well as address your concerns. Once we have the design in place, we take care of all of the construction from tiling, electrical work and cement work to lighting, landscaping and beyond.

As your neighborhood pool contractors, we will continue to be available as your guide to pool ownership. If you are not someone who wants to be constantly working on your pool, we have packages that will allow for help with your pool’s recurring maintenance. We can head to your place twice-a-week during swimming season to completely clean your pool, including brushing your walls and vacuuming. We will also test your water, add chemicals and fill your chlorine feeders or skimmers. If you are just concerned about your chemicals, we can work with you on that twice a week.

Highland Swimming Pool Contractors for All Your Years of Ownership

As your pool ages, you may find that you need to update your equipment or are looking to renovate your pool’s style. Our technicians can inspect your equipment and help maintain or repair it as needed. Your pool equipment gets lots of wear and tear and we can ensure that you do not miss any swimming time by keeping it working properly. Other pool services include our team helping with the beginning and end of the season with pool opening and closing help.

Highland Swimming Pool Contractors are Ready to Serve You

Our experience is backed by our years in the industry as an established business here in the region. We have been around since 1976. Reach out to our team anytime through our online contact form.

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