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Homer Glen Inground Pool Installation

Inground Pool Installation Creates New Memories Near Homer Glen

Installing an inground pool is an investment in both time and money! Our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas understands that entering pool ownership can be a stressful experience – that is why we are here for you every step of the way from the installation to years into ownership. Our specialists have the expertise and knowledge to help you throughout the pool installation process and to get you going on your first season of owning a pool. We can assist with your questions and then we will be there for you over the years when your pool needs repairs, upgrades or just continued maintenance. We have been part of communities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region since 1976, serving our customers with products and services.

Get Started on Your Homer Glen Inground Pool Installation

You are ready to jump into pool ownership – now what? First and foremost, our Caribbean crew members will review your site and offer any advice or guidance on pool shape and location. Depending on your yard and space, you can install an oval, rectangle, figure eight, True L, Lazy L and more. You can also select your pool liner if you are installing a vinyl pool that can be a variety of colors from dark and dramatic to light and tranquil. As part of your pool’s installation and design, we can also help with our backyard design services. The poolscape is the areas around your pool and includes decking options, steps and ladder and custom features.

When the pool installation process begins, you can expect our team to remain as communicative as possible throughout each step. We also take care of every component of the project, including lighting, tiling, cement and electrical work, excavation and removal of dirt, initial startup and water balancing, initial winterization for the first season and we will take care of  your permit. Your package includes the equipment that you need to have a wonderful first swimming season and beyond. Your pool startup kit has the basics and we will go over how to use your equipment and take care of your pool water’s chemicals.

Homer Glen Inground Pool Installation and Beyond

Once you have your pool in place, you may realize that its maintenance is more than you want to deal with throughout the season. Our team is here for you! We have a mix of packages to help you keep your pool clean, test your water and add the necessary chemicals to keep it clear and sparkling. Our technicians are also ready for any repairs that pop up over the years and if you need to renovate your pool down the road.

Connect With Our Experts for Your Homer Glen Inground Pool Installation

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