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Inground Pool Contractors Are Your Partners in the 46311 Zip Code

As your neighborhood inground pool contractors, our crew members at Caribbean Pools & Spas are here to help you with all of your needs. We work in the Dyer, Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana regions through our locations, services and products. Our team can help you navigate being an inground pool owner from Day One. We are experts in the design and installation process as well as how to clean, maintain, repair and refurbish any pool components. Our team can also assist you with your pool water’s chemical makeup through our visits, testing by our staff or advice on how to keep your water as clear and clean as possible. We are honored to serve our communities season after season.

Inground Pool Contractors Assist with Ownership in the 46311 Zip Code

If you are considering putting in an inground pool, our expert team can help you with the process. We have been installing pools since 1976 and build more than 100 inground pools every year. We will first and foremost survey your property, offer our expertise and help you design and determine the poolscape and placement of your new outdoor oasis. Your pool package from us will have everything you need: from the excavation and removal of your dirt to the placement of the concrete apron. We will also take care of the permit process for the construction. We will sit down with you to give you the initial instructions on the equipment and chemicals as well.

Your pool startup kit contains all of the equipment that you will need too. We start you off with all of the tools and resources for you to embrace your new role as a pool owner! You will get your test kit, thermometer, skimmer net, brush safety buoy and vacuum components. For the first year, our team will handle the winterization of your pool. If you want to have additional assistance with managing your pool, we offer a few different packages to clean and balance your pool water chemicals.

Inground Pool Contractors Keep Your 46311 Pool at Its Best

Time will eventually take a toll on your pool and its pieces. If you are in need of any type of inground pool repairs, we have the trained technicians to offer the best path for your pool. We can take care of a range of common pool repairs and replacements. These include: pool pump service, general plumbing, pool leak detection, auto cover service, pool heater service, pool filter service and pool chlorinator service. Our team can also take care of any problems with your hot tub or spa.

Connect With Your Inground Pool Contractors Near the 46311 Zip Code

Stop in to one of our region locations to pick up products or connect with a team member. Our crew is also available through our online contact form

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