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Inground Pool Contractors Help Your Water in Homer Glen

Throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, our team of pool professionals has been assisting homeowners since 1976. At Caribbean Pools & Spas, we can work with you on all facets of pool ownership from helping with opening and closing your inground pool as well as renovations, repairs or recurring maintenance. Our team can work on your pool equipment upkeep and answer your questions on what your pool may need. We provide free estimates before beginning any of our work, so that we are all on the same page. Your outdoor oasis should be a place of refuge, not work and we can help.

Inground Pool Contractors Can Get Your Homer Glen Pool Ready

Our team has helped numerous pool owners with their openings and closings. We can work on your pool, so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy it all summer long. If you want to utilize our pool opening service, we will take off your winter cover, start up your equipment and get your pool system primed. If we see or uncover any issues that happened over the fall and winter, we can address those with repairs. Our most popular opening package is the economy with chemicals, which is just right for those who want help, but will still take care of their own winter cover.

After the season winds down, we can come out to your place again to close it up for the colder months. Our pool closing package includes all of the services that you need to close up your pool, such as blowing out your skimmer line, checking for leaks, blowing out and draining your heater, taking care of all of your timers and shutting off gas valves if needed.

Inground Pool Contractors Available All Season Long in Homer Glen

In between the opening and closing of your pool, there will need to be a lot of maintenance done to keep your water clear and the fun days rolling. Our crew can visit for everything or just the basics. Our highest level of maintenance will help with two full-service cleanings and chemical applications a week. While we are there, we will brush the walls, vacuum your pool, add chemicals as needed, backwash and fill your chlorine feeders if needed. We can also test your water twice a week to help maintain the delicate balance of your water’s chemistry and add what chemicals will help get it back on track.

Inground Pool Contractors Help Homer Glen Neighbors

Our team at Caribbean can take the work out of your summer. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your summer is lots of fun with family and friends. We not only offer pool services, but also pool products, equipment and other outdoor items. Connect with our crew through our online contact form.

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