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Inground Pool Contractors Near Orland Park

Since 1976, the inground pool contractors near Orland Park at Caribbean Pools have been committing their time, expertise, and talent to construct beautiful inground pools for clients in the greater Chicagoland area. In that time, we have amassed a dedicated client base we refer to as our Caribbean Family. When you choose Caribbean Pools to design and construct your brand new inground pool, you know you will be getting a high-quality, durable, and dependable pool. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our highly-rated inground pool contractors near Orland Park.

Is an Inground Pool Really Worth It?

As you know, an inground swimming pool is a significant investment for any homeowner. From the price to the amount of energy put into dreaming up and then ultimately caring for your pool, you will be spending time and money on this new addition to your home. Due to this, many of our inground pool contractors near Orland Park are often asked if an inground pool is really worth the investment. Seeing as we have watched countless families find endless enjoyment and unparalleled value from the pools we construct for them, Caribbean Pools can confidently say that, yes, an inground pool is really worth it!

When you recruit Caribbean Pools’ inground pool contractors near Orland Park to install your inground pool, you’ll be getting more than just a beautiful poolscape! There are priceless benefits to owning a pool, including:

  • Invaluable family time
  • Unparalleled health benefits
  • Increased property value
  • Boosted social life

We Provide Customizable Poolscapes

When you invest in an item for your home, especially one the size of an inground swimming pool, you want to make sure you get exactly what you want. At Caribbean Pools, our inground pool contractors near Orland Park have a plethora of inground pool options to ensure that you can truly get a one-of-a-kind pool that suits all of your wants and needs. 

  • Water Features: Choose from a selection of beautifully crafted waters, jets, bubblers, and larimars that will add a unique touch to your pool!
  • Lighting Choices: Add some fun to your pool with LED color-changing lights. Plus, you can combine the beauty of a waterfall with illumination with a Magic Bowl! During the day, enjoy the beauty of your water fountain-like bowl, then watch it come to life at night with liquid fire-like effects.
  • Entertainment and Sports Options: Increase the enjoyment of your pool with the addition of a slide, dive board, volleyball net, or basketball hoop! Want to boost your water-based workout? Add the Badu SwimJet System to create your own aquatic fitness center!
  • Relaxation Selections: A pool isn’t all fun and games. Relax with high-quality built-in loungers or install a hot tub from some of the industry’s best brands!
  • Pool Automation: Save time by automating your pool equipment and extras! Caribbean Pools can install the ultimate pool control center that allows you to schedule and control your pool from any of your devices. 

Join the Caribbean Family Today!

Are you ready to take the plunge and invest in an inground swimming pool? Contact Caribbean Pools today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced inground pool contractors near Orland Park.

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