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Inground Pool Contractors in New Lenox Help with Ownership Year after Year

At Caribbean Pools & Spas, the team understands that while pool ownership is awesome it can also be a lot of work! We want you to enjoy your time in your space outside and not feel pressure to work on it season after season. We are proud to continue to serve our communities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region since 1976. Whether you need help opening or closing your inground pool or want assistance with general maintenance, we are here for you whenever you need us to step in and help. We also have experience and knowledge that you can tap into if you do some of the maintenance on your own.

Inground Pool Contractors in New Lenox Can Perform Repairs, Renovations

Just like your home or vehicle, your inground pool is a large investment that will need maintenance or more to keep it at its best. As the years roll on, you may realize that your pool needs some renovations. Check in with us here at Caribbean as we can help you with this project. Among our renovation services are taking care of damaged walls or updating equipment. Sometimes, renovations may be more cosmetic if you are looking for a layout refresh. We can help design a new poolscape to breathe new life into your outdoor space. Keeping up with updates can really extend the life of your pool.

Repairs are also a part of pool ownership. Our crew can troubleshoot and figure out the issue and fix it. We can diagnose and service any issues surrounding your pool pump or filter. We also can detect leaks through pool diving and pressure testing. 

Inground Pool Contractors and More in New Lenox 

Your outdoor oasis is more than just a pool or hot tub. Caribbean can guide you through the design process for a comfortable and inviting area around your pool. For instance, an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate in entertaining. You can cook up a fabulous meal for your family and friends with an outdoor grill area. You might also like an outdoor fireplace to gather around during the cooler evenings or summer or spring. Fire pits can be stylish and add an element of design to your place. 

A gazebo or pergola creates a great area to relax in and provide shelter or structure. These can be easy to assemble right at your place. Our team also has a variety of umbrellas on hand. You will be surprised at how a simple umbrella or two can really transform a space with a splash of color and a spot to grab some shade out of the sun.

Inground Pool Contractors in New Lenox are Here for You Today

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