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Inground Pool Contractors Keep Your Orland Hills Paradise Beautiful

Owning a pool is a wonderful way to spend warm and sticky days and nights right in your own backyard in our region. At Caribbean Pools & Spas, our team continues to serve our communities throughout Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland with all things outdoors. Our professional crew can help with many aspects of pool ownership. We are there for you when you need to open or close your pool, as well as throughout the season when you need an extra hand with maintenance. We can also assist you with your hot tub needs when the temperature has dropped and you are cozy and warm in your bubbling water.

Inground Pool Contractors Help with Your Orland Hills Water

Staying on top of your inground pool water’s chemistry and cleanliness is vital to the health of your pool and keeps you splashing all summer long. Caribbean Pools & Spas can work with you on your ongoing maintenance. We are happy to test your water when you bring a sample into one of our locations and offer guidance on what needs to be done or if it is good to go. If you need more hands-on help with your water’s chemistry, we can work with you on a strategy. We offer three different pool maintenance packages that provide a range of services for your pool.

Our top or platinum package means that a member of our team will assist you with your pool maintenance twice a week. We will brush your pool’s walls, vacuum up the buildup of debris at the bottom of your pool, add chemicals as needed to get your levels in check, fill any chlorine feeders, and backwash as needed. Our lesser package offers help with your chemical levels twice a week. Our team member will first test your water to determine what amount of chemicals are needed.

Orland Hills Inground Pool Contractors and More 

If you believe that your pool needs more attention, such as renovations or repairs, our professional experts are here for you as well. We can identify and fix a range of issues that may pop up over the life of your pool. Our repair services include working on your pool pump, pool filter, pool heater, general plumbing, or pool chlorinator. 

If you are concerned about your pool water level, we can determine if there is a leak by utilizing pressure testing and pool diving. We also can diagnose and service your inground pool’s auto cover. We can tune up or clean your cover and do other maintenance as needed.

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