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Inground Pool Installers Near Schererville

At Caribbean Pools, we strive to provide the best pool installation and maintenance services around. Our team is dedicated to superior handiwork and uphold your highest expectations of customer service. As a company that’s been creating pools since 1976, our experts are prepared to handle all of your pool maintenance and creation needs. Just discuss your ideas with our inground pool installers near Schererville to get started. 

The Best Inground Pool Installers Near Schererville

Whenever you’re thinking of creating a poolscape from scratch, or even if you just need some updates made, you deserve to be helped by experienced pool installers. You need the best team available to handle your requests and make your pool shine like new. Caribbean Pools has accomplished much since we opened over 40 years ago. Our team delivers outstanding results and offers services that are satisfaction guaranteed. No matter what you need, our pool contractors are ready to handle it. 

Installing a brand new pool takes work, but it’s nothing our team can’t handle. We’re well-versed in the art and science of pool installation, so you can expect no less than the best craftsmanship from our team. Here’s how pool installation works:

  • Initial Consultation and Design. We jump right into the process. First, you will discuss your ideas and your vision with our team. We want to create a poolscape that matches what you are looking for, so your ideas are important. We then create a basic outline and design for your poolscape. 
  • Construction. The construction stage involves multiple steps, from excavating the hole that your pool will go in, to installing electrical components and plumbing. This stage can take up to several weeks depending on the complexity of your design, the size of your poolscape, weather and other factors. We work as efficiently as possible while giving our attention to even the smallest details. We want to create a pool that looks and functions as you want it to, so we take great care to ensure everything is installed properly. 
  • Inspection and Test. Once installation is completed, we inspect the pool and test everything to make sure all parts are working correctly. We may fill your pool with water and then drain it to make sure there are no leaks. 

Even after everything is finished, our team is here for you in the years that follow. We are happy to perform maintenance and repairs on your pool, and also do updates in the long term. We have the comprehensive pool services and products you need to keep your pool at its best shape. 

Call Us Now For Pool Installation Services

Installing an inground pool may sound like a huge deal, but Caribbean Pools makes the process comprehensible. Our inground pool installers near Schererville are experienced and prepared to take on your poolscape project. We love working with new clients and having the opportunity to share our passion for the craft with you. Give us a call today to speak with our pool installation experts. 

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