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Inground Pool Installers in Winfield Lay Groundwork for Fun

The experts at Caribbean Pools & Spas pave the way to a summer of sunshine and splashing! The team can help if you are ready to install a new inground pool at your place. There are many facets of the process to ensure a quality and safe installation for your new inground pool. A vital component is having a top-notch construction team to ensure that your pool is put into place properly and will last for a lifetime of swimming adventures! The investment of a new pool on your property is important to having season after season of swimming-filled days and nights with family, friends and neighbors.

Inground Pool Installers Follow Steps in Winfield

At Caribbean Pools, our staff manages everything that needs to be done throughout the entire installation process. We are there through the electrical, excavation, landscaping, design and construction stages. It all begins with a design plan. Our consultants will discuss with you what exactly you are looking for from your pool space. We will help you determine what will fit best into your yard and into your lifestyle.

Next, the construction phase begins with its many intricate aspects, including lighting, tiling, cement, electricity and landscaping. An inground pool installation package includes such aspects as excavation and removal of dirt, stone backfill, concrete filter pad with electrical outlet, choice of filter earth, cartridge or sand, mineral purifier, mesh winter cover, Master Temp Gas heater and much more. We make sure you have everything you need for your pool! 

Services Go Beyond Winfield Inground Pool Installers

Our customer service extends beyond a pool installation to help you make the most of your pool and keep it clean and maintained. We provide levels of recurring maintenance that range from a total twice-a-week service package to chemical assistance twice a week. Our top-of-the-line premium offerings include full-service cleanings and chemical applications. We brush the walls, vacuum the pool, back wash if needed and test your water for chemical levels.

We are there for you at the beginning and the end of the season as well through our opening and closing services. When it’s time to peel off your cover and get ready to dive in, our technicians will start up your system and take a close look to see if there are any issues or repairs needed. When winter is upon us, we can come on out to close your pool out. Our team will again check for any issues, shut down all equipment and take all necessary steps to make sure your inground pool will be closed down properly for the cold weather. We can also open and close stand-alone spas.

Connect With Your Inground Pool Installers in Winfield Today

Caribbean Pools & Spas has served the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region for decades. With locations in Schererville, Valparaiso and Mokena, we are right in your neighborhood to help you create your own slice of paradise. Contact us today.

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