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Inground Pool Repair Highland Keeps You Swimming

Your pool is your own private paradise in your backyard. Unfortunately, with weather elements, time and temperature changes, your pool can have issues that need to be addressed from a possible leak to plumbing problems. Our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas are able to come out and determine what any problems are happening and repair them, so you can get back to swimming and hosting pool parties all summer long. We have been helping create a platform for warm weather memories since we first launched back in 1976. While the industry has changed and innovations continue to come to fruition, the idea of a backyard oasis is still the reason that we do what we do.

Inground Pool Repair Helps Your Highland Pool

Our team of pool specialists can visit you today if you are worried about an issue with your inground pool. We continue to help our neighbors and friends with a variety of pool repairs. We have the expertise to help with your pool pump if it needs a motor replacement or you are in need of a whole new pump. We can diagnose and service your pool filter and take a look at your overall general plumbing. If your pool heater is giving you problems, we can replace heat exchanges, do a tune-up, repair any parts or put in a new heater. If you are concerned that you have a leak, we can check it out through pressure testing or pool diving. Even if your lights are going wacky, we can help with that as well.

If you want to put a maintenance plan into place to help head off repairs, our Caribbean crew can work with you today on a strategy. We can help you tune-up your heater and check out the parts or do an overall maintenance visit to examine your auto cover combo where we inspect it carefully and clean it as well as lubricate and apply protectant. 

Inground Pool Repair and Beyond in Highland

If you would rather enjoy your pool during the summer than work on it, our team can help you maintain your water’s chemical levels and clean areas of your pool once or twice a week. Among the tasks that we will complete include: brushing your pool’s walls, vacuuming your pool, adding chemicals as needed, filling your chlorine feeders and skimmers, backwashing as needed and testing your water to determine what level of chemicals may be needed.

Contact Us For Your Inground Pool Repair in Highland

Our pool specialists can work with you today to ensure that your pool is good to go! Among our pool services are helping you get your pool ready to open for the season or close down as summer winds down. We can also help renovate areas of your pool. Reach out to us through our online contact form

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