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Inground Pool Repair Keep You Swimming in Orland Hills

You can pack in as much outdoor fun time in and around your inground pool! At Caribbean Pools & Spas, we continue to serve all of our communities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland regions with our pool services and more. We have been in the business since 1976 and have always strived to help pool owners have a blast and maintain their pool at an optimal level. Our pool services range from repairs and maintenance to openings and closings. We understand that your inground pool is a huge investment with an awesome payout! Our team can help with all areas of pool ownership.

Inground Pool Repair When You Need it in Orland Hills

As a pool owner, you have checklists every season when you open and close and throughout the warmer months. Our team can be here for you throughout this whole time as a supportive member of your team. We continue to focus on supporting our pool owners who are truly part of our Caribbean family. Our knowledgeable technicians can come out and survey your pool to determine what issues are popping up as well as perform maintenance tasks

We offer a range of repair services for both inground pool owners and hot tub users. If you are facing an issue or worried about any component of your pool or hot tube, we can come out to your place and diagnose any problems. We work on pool pumps, pool filters and the general plumbing systems. We can provide pool heater tune-ups, part repairs, install a new heater or replace the heat exchanges. We also work on pool chlorinators, pool lights and your auto cover. We can search for pool leaks by employing pressure testing and pool diving. No matter what your concern is, we can evaluate the situation and offer a free estimate of what it would take to fix the issue.

Inground Pool Repair and More Near Orland Hills

If you are a pool owner who enjoys the fun aspect but not the maintenance aspect, let our team be your partner! We offer maintenance packages where we will come on out and clean and vacuum your pool, test your water and add chemicals as needed. If you just want our advice and guidance, you can bring in a sample of your pool water for an assessment. We can then offer any suggestions on what chemical adjustments your pool water may need to get it back to where you want it. Our team can work with you on your pool openings and closings. We will take care of all aspects of getting your pool ready for the season or closing it down for the colder months.

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