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Inground Swimming Pools Make a Splash in Highland

Our Caribbean Pools & Spas crew can help you with all aspects of inground pool ownership from installation to repairs down the road. We have been part of the industry in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area for many years. We pride ourselves on serving our communities to help them create the perfect outdoor oasis in their personal space. Our crew provides many products and services to our clients. We can work with you on a new pool installation, repairs on your pool’s equipment, opening and closing of your inground pool, cleaning and maintenance as well as hot tub services.

Inground Swimming Pools Maintenance and Repairs near Highland

Our recurring maintenance will help your swimming season stay fun and not full of chores! During our visits twice a week, we will brush your pool’s walls, vacuum it out, add any needed chemicals, fill your chlorine distributors and test the water. If you are finding that your older pool is facing issues, it may be time for some equipment upkeep. We can provide maintenance services for your auto cover to help keep it clean, lubricated and working properly. We also can check out your pool’s heater and filter system. Our general maintenance visit will address a variety of areas, including your walls, stairs, water lines, skimmer, pump basket and more. 

Older pools may also be in need of a renovation. If you see any of these signs, let our crew members know to inspect your inground pool and determine if you need a renovation. If your walls have been damaged or if there are cracks showing, you need to let our team check it out. Continuous repairs are also a sign of needing a pool renovation. If your pool is just looking drab overall and out-of-date, you may be happier with a new poolscape and design.

Inground Swimming Pools and Beyond in Highland

We provide services and products for your hot tub and outdoor areas as well. We carry the Big Green Egg grills for a perfect platform to cook up a summer dinner. The Eggs are available in a charcoal version or a mini grill that can be your sidekick when you are camping or traveling. A Kamado-Style Egg is able to run at a low temperature for a longer period of time for a delicious meal. We can help with a variety of pool products, including chemicals. Stop by our locations for assistance, and if you bring in a sample of your pool water, we can test it for you as well.

Get Help With Inground Swimming Pools in Highland 

We have been around since 1976, creating the outdoor space that you want to be in all of the time during the warmer season! You will never regret time spent with family in your pool. Our team can answer your questions through our online contact form

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