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New Lenox Pool Maintenance For a Fun Summer

At Caribbean Pools & Spas, our team has been in the business since 1976. We have always understood how an inground pool can be a huge investment: of both money and time. That is why our services are here for you to help you enjoy your outdoor oasis instead of working on it. Our team is available for any pool services that you may need from repairs and maintenance to openings and closings. We continue to provide the guidance and advice that will help you enjoy your swimming season with your family, friends and neighbors. We want you to be making memories in the sun and not having to be on the sidelines working on your pool.

New Lenox Pool Maintenance Keeps Your Pool at Its Best

Part of taking care of an inground pool is staying up on all aspects of pool maintenance. You do not want to wait until your water starts turning an off color or you notice damage before you make a move to do something about it. Part of our offerings include inground pool recurring maintenance packages. Our most comprehensive package includes us visiting you twice a week during the season. At our visits, we will brush your pool’s walls, vacuum your pool, test your water, add chemicals, fill your chlorine feeders/skimmers and backwash as needed. If you just want us to assist with chemical applications, we have a package for that as well. Our Gold Package has us visiting you twice a week with only one time being a full-service cleaning.

Also, part of pool maintenance is keeping your equipment at its best and repairing pieces as needed. We have the expertise to evaluate your inground pool’s components and determine what needs to be done and what needs to be replaced or repaired. We can work with you on any of these items.

New Lenox Pool Maintenance at the Beginning, End of Season

Opening and closing an inground pool can be a time-consuming process that can set the stage for either swimming season or your next one. You need to close your pool properly to help keep your water at its best to prevent having to drain and start all over. Some of the closing services that we will perform include: check for any leaks, blow out and plug the pool return and skimmer lines, turn any timers off, remove any equipment plugs/gauges, shut off your gas valve for your pool heater and blow out your bottom drain and plug it up for the fall/winter.

Connect With Our Team for Your New Lenox Pool Maintenance Plans

At Caribbean, we continue to carry on the tradition of providing excellent service and exemplary advice. Reach out to us through our online contact form for help or if you have any questions or concerns about your inground pool.

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