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Pool Chemicals near 46373 Zip Code Keep Your Water Clear

Over the lifetime of your pool, you will test and add chemicals hundreds and hundreds of times! The proper pool chemical application is the single most important task that you will have as a pool owner. You need to keep your water balanced to ensure that there is not a bloom of algae or other organic material, as well as to provide a comfortable swimming experience. No one enjoys that shock of too much chlorine on their skin and in their eyes! Our crew at Caribbean Pools & Spas has been assisting our St. John swimming pool owners with chemical testing and sales for years. Since 1976, we have been providing the essential pool and hot tub services that keep you in them and not working on them.

Find Your Pool Chemicals in the 46373 Zip Code

Testing your water on a regular basis will guide you on the ideal chemical application for your particular pool. There are many different factors that go into how much and what chemicals your pool water needs, including the location of your pool, how much sun it gets, and how much tree debris falls into it. If you bring a water sample into one of our locations, we can test your water for you at no cost and print out the results. If you need any guidance on what they mean, talk to an expert member of our team about what you need to do to keep your pool water balanced. We have a mix of chemicals that will get your pool water back on track or help keep it on the clear and soft path. 

Our products include liquid chlorine, chlorinating tablets, test strips, filter cleaner spray, algae complete, pH reducer, and SaltScapes cell cleaner. If you want to have onsite help at your home, we provide that as a service. Our team can come out twice a week to do a full-service cleaning and apply the correct chemicals. We will brush your inground pool’s walls, vacuum the pool, test the water, fill the chlorine feeders/skimmers, and backwash when it is needed.

More Than Just Pool Chemicals Near the 46373 Zip Code

Our expert team of technicians can help with a range of pool services, from installation and repairs to equipment upkeep and renovations. We can come out twice a year to open and close your pool for you if you do not want to mess with these procedures. Maintaining your pool equipment is vital to your pool being around for as long as possible. We carry many outdoor living items as well to create your own personal outdoor oasis.

Talk to Us About Pool Chemicals in the 46373 Zip Code Area

Talk to our crew members at one of our locations or reach out to us through our online contact form with your questions. 

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