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Pool Chemicals Keep Your Water Perfect in Crown Point

Our Caribbean Pools & Spas crew has been working in the industry for years building up a solid base of expertise, experience and knowledge. We have been working in our Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland communities since 1976. We are here for you for all of your many pool and spa services as well as chemicals, supplies and maintenance strategies. Once your pool is installed, we remain available to help you every step of the way and throughout pool or spa ownership! From pool chemicals and fun floats to maintenance services and cleaning assistance, we have a variety of ways to make your life as a pool owner even easier – whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or need help. 

Find Out What Pool Chemicals You Need in Crown Point

First and foremost, we are happy to test your water for absolutely no cost! We can provide this service as a first step to understanding where your levels are and where they need to be to keep your water clear and healthy. Once we print out your results, we can go over what the data is showing and guide you in the right direction, if anything needs to be adjusted. We can help you understand why your levels are changing and what chemicals are best to purchase and how much and when to apply to your pool water. You can bring in a sample of your water right to one of our retail locations.

If you want more extensive service and help, we can go over our maintenance plans and what might best fit your needs or lifestyle. Our packages range from full twice a week visits to just chemical assistance visits. Our highest level of maintenance includes all areas of cleaning, such as brushing the walls, vacuuming and backwashing, as well as water testing on-site and the addition of needed chemicals.

Pool Chemicals in Crown Point and More

Our experienced crew of technicians can help you at the beginning and end of the season with pool openings and closings. We will get you off on the right foot and wrap up your pool to ensure that it is at its best when the warmer months wind down. If we find any issues or you find something on your own, contact our team immediately to assist with a range of repairs. We can diagnose and service items, such as your pool pump, general plumbing, pool heater, pool filter, pool chlorinator, pool lights and auto cover. We also offer leak detection by pressure testing and pool diving.

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Besides pools and spas, we celebrate outdoor living with additional product offerings. We can guide you through outdoor living design options as well. We are ready to help you today! Reach out to us through our contact form

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