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Get Expert Help With Your Pool Chemicals in Highland

Our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas understands the investment, planning, organizing, time and effort that goes into purchasing and installing a new pool. That is why we are with you every step of the way. Once you become part of our family, we will truly treat you like you are a family member. We have had the opportunity to serve the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana regions since 1976. We are happy to help you with maintenance and repairs to your pool to help it last for years to come. Your backyard oasis is all about relaxation, fun and making memories and should never be about stress and work. That is why our team is available to help with all of your pool ownership needs.

Pool Chemicals Keep Your Water Healthy in Highland

Our professional team at Caribbean knows all about chemicals and how they can affect your pool’s water and changes due to weather or sunlight. We are happy to test your water at one of our locations and offer a snapshot of where your chemical levels are at and where they need to be for optimal health and clarity. There is almost a balancing act when it comes to pool chemical levels! We can not only give you advice and direction, but also have the products that you need at our stores and some items are also available online. 

If you are in the market for more hands-on help, we can provide that as well! Our recurring maintenance services are available in a few different options, such as our Platinum Package. With this selection, you will see our team at your place twice a week. We will provide full-service cleanings and chemical applications each time that we visit. We will take care of vacuuming and brushing your pool’s walls as well as fill your chlorine feeder or skimmer, backwash as needed and test your water levels.

Expert Ready for More Than Just Pool Chemicals in Highland

Unfortunately, you may face the need for more than just maintenance as your pool ages. It may be time for pool repairs. Our experts have the know-how and expertise to be there for you when your pool needs some help! Our technicians can examine your pool, diagnose the problem and provide you with a solution to get you back in the water. We will do our best to troubleshoot what you have going on and give you our best guidance.

Among our pool repair offerings are pool pump or filter services. We will check out these areas and can do everything from cleaning to a full replacement. We also work on your general plumbing and pool heater. A pool leak can be detected by us through pressure testing or pool diving. 

Find Help With Your Pool Chemicals in Highland

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