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Pool Chemicals Orland Hills Keep Your Water at Its Best

As a Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland pool contractor and supplier since 1976, Caribbean Pools & Spas has learned a thing or two about the industry! The team has found that our customers are looking for the best in service and top-notch craftsmanship. We are proud to have provided our services for so many years, providing families the outdoor space that helps them make the most of their family time and creating memories to last a lifetime. There’s nothing like a private oasis to share with family and friends while soaking up the rays throughout the warmer months. We have always understood that a pool is a large investment and we strive to help you in any way that we can from preventive maintenance to repairs.

Correct Pool Chemicals, Maintenance Plan Keep Your Orland Hills Pool a Place to Be

Our team can help you with your ongoing pool water upkeep! We provide packages for those needing help to keep their water levels at an optimal place. Our top package is a twice-a-week pool maintenance plan that includes two full-service cleanings and chemical applications every week. We will brush the pool walls, vacuum the pool, back wash as needed and fill your chlorine feeders or skimmers. Another package can assist with your pool chemical needs. Testing your water is vital to ensuring that it is kept healthy and clean. 

There is more than just water that makes up your pool. All of your pool equipment is part of what keeps your pool at its best for years. We offer additional maintenance services, such as maintaining and cleaning your auto cover combo, tuning up your heater, salt cell cleaning or a general maintenance visit. 

Pool Chemicals For Your Pool Opening and Closing in Orland Hills

Our trained technicians are schooled in all things pool! We can help you at the beginning and end of the swimming season. For your pool opening, we will get you going by removing your winter cover, starting up your equipment and getting your pool system primed. Our Economy with Chemicals opening is considered our most popular choice. It is made for in-ground auto-cover swimming pools or for those who remove their own covers.

When the cool weather begins, we can help with your pool closing. What we will do: check out your system for leaks that may need repaired, blow out skimmer and pool return lines, blow out and airlock your bottom drain, shut-off the gas valve for the pool heater, make sure all timers are turned off, drain your filter, remove equipment plugs and gauges and remove the eyeballs and escutcheon.

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