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Pool Chemicals and Advice for Your Tinley Park Outdoor Space

Owning a pool can be intimidating, but not if you have a team of experts available to answer your questions and address your concerns. Our crew members at Caribbean Pools & Spas have been serving our friends and neighbors in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region since 1976. As your neighborhood pool specialists, we are ready to install your new inground pool, help with your chemical application or cleanings, work to open and close your pool when seasons change or repair any issues that may pop up during your time as a pool owner. By helping you take the work out of pool ownership, we allow you to dive in and make memories with a splash of fun during the summer.

Adjusting and Applying Pool Chemicals near Tinley Park

All of our pool ownership services are meant to help you have the most fun with the least amount of work! If you are in need of assistance with your pool chemicals, our specialists are ready to visit you twice a week throughout the swimming season to help with your recurring pool maintenance. Depending on how hands-on you like to be, we offer three different packages of maintenance help. At the top, we will thoroughly clean your pool each visit as well as test and adjust your chemical levels and backwash as needed. At the middle level, we will still check in on your chemicals both times, but we will only clean once a week. If you just want chemical help, we can do that too.

Our additional pool services can take some of the burden off of you at any time if you decide you are overwhelmed with maintaining your pool’s water. Of course, we offer installation of new inground pools, but we also provide renovations if your pool is old, outdated or dingy. Renovations may also be necessary if there are issues found in your pool that need to be repaired. At the beginning and the end of the season, our team can open up or close down your pool.

Pick Up Pool Chemicals Near Tinley Park

Beyond services, our team also has key products onsite at our locations. You can purchase pool chemicals, equipment, toys or other fun pieces that make your swimming time even more fun. We carry outdoor items that can add to your poolscape and entertainment space during the summertime. If your spa or pool equipment is failing, we can review your problems and work to repair issues that range from mechanical and electrical to plumbing and leaks.

We Can Help With Pool Chemicals for Your Tinley Park Pool

With onsite water testing, you can receive data on how your water is doing and we can provide advice if you are unsure on what steps to take. We can be reached through our online contact form.

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