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Pool Closing Companies Help Wrap Up the Season in New Lenox

All good things must come to an end, and that includes summer and the swimming season. Our experts at Caribbean Pools & Spas have been in the business since 1976, helping our region with all of their inground pool and outdoor needs. Our team members serve our community members in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region, so that they can enjoy their time in the sun and water. When you have an inground pool, you do not want to waste time working on it when you can be in it! Our team offers a range of pool services to give you a break, such as renovations, repairs, maintenance and seasonal services. 

Pool Closing Companies Will Take Care of Your New Lenox Pool

In order to have a great swimming season the next year, you need to have your inground pool properly closed. Our crew will take care of this with the following services: checking for any sign of leaks that can be addressed and repaired sooner vs. later, plugging up skimmer lines and pool return lines, taking care of the bottom drain, shutting off the heater’s gas valve, draining the filter, turning off any timers, removing equipment plugs or gauges and removing escutcheon. Of course, we will be there for you when the weather starts warming up again next season to help you open your pool. We can provide this service based on a variety of levels. We can provide a basic opening or an economy opening with the addition of chemicals.

If as you are closing your pool, you notice any problems, let our team know. We have expertise in all areas of inground pools and equipment. Our pool repair services run the gamut to make sure that your pool is properly taken care of year after year. We can work on your pool pump, pool filter, plumbing, pool heater, pool chlorinator, lights and auto cover. Our detection services can see if you have a pool leak that needs to be repaired. We can do this through pressure testing or pool diving. We understand that your pool is an investment and that you want to invest back into it to help extend its life.

Pool Closing Companies and More in New Lenox

Your inground pool may be just one part of your outdoor space! We can help with your outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace. These elements can really add to your oasis and take it up to the next level of enjoyment and fun for the whole family. We also maintain hot tubs for those cooler days that you want to take a soak.

Pool Closing Companies are Here for You in New Lenox

Closing time can bring on the blues, but we are here to help! We take the time to thoroughly inspect and help you maintain your pool year-round. Let us know if you need assistance through our online contact form.

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