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Pool Companies in Orland Hills Help Keep Your Paradise Inviting

When you work with Caribbean Pools & Spas, you become a member of the family. Our team has been helping Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland community members create their own backyard oases since 1976. We focus on quality craftsmanship, value and excellent customer service as part of our mission year after year. We can assist you with many components of your maintenance to help ensure that your water is as clear and inviting as possible. We work with both pools and hot tubs and have the knowledge to answer your questions and provide guidance. 

Pool Companies in Orland Hills Provide Maintenance Plans

Whether it is your water or your pool equipment, there are steps to take to maintain them as much as possible. We have recurring maintenance plans to provide you with top-notch service and keep your water clean and your chemicals at the correct level. If you prefer a plan that is more us than you, then you should select our platinum selection. We will visit you twice a week and fully clean your pool, including brushing your pool’s walls, vacuuming and backwashing as needed. We will also fill your chlorine feeders or skimmers after testing your water levels for chemical application.

If you only want assistance with adding chemicals, we can also help with that during our twice-a-week visits. 

Beyond your water, your pool equipment also needs upkeep as it is utilized season after season. Some of the services that we offer include: checking and tuning up your pool heater, working on your filter and cleaning it out or an overall maintenance visit.

Pool Companies in Orland Hills Can Open or Close Your Season

We can help take the work out of launching or wrapping up your swimming season with our opening and closing package offerings. We provide different options to fit your needs. From our basic opening to our economy opening, we can get your pool ready for you to just jump right in. Our special opening includes special treatment of your winter cover to help preserve it for the closing side of things. Closing time can be a key time to take a close look at your pool so it is at its best when it is back to swimming season. Our expert eyes can help find any leaks or need for repairs before we close it up. We can also remove your equipment plugs and gauges, blow out your heater and bottom drain. We will assist with your pool heater’s gas valve and check out your skimmer lines.

Pool Companies in Orland Hills are Here for You Season after Season

The Caribbean crew is ready to assist you today with all of your pool or hot tub needs. We understand how much you love your outdoor oasis. Reach out to us through our online contact form

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