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Pool Construction Companies Near Chesterton

An inground swimming pool is the ultimate addition to any backyard. From hours of summer entertainment to a quiet place to destress, a new pool has so much to offer. When you’re looking at pool construction companies near Chesterton to complete your pool project, call the Caribbean Pools experts. When you work with our pool company, you’ll have the perfect poolscape installed in the blink of an eye.

Why Work with Caribbean Pools?

Installing a brand new inground pool is a tremendous investment worthy of the best pool construction companies near Chesterton. Working with the most experienced and trustworthy company is essential to getting the pool of your dreams, which is why Caribbean Pools is your go-to team of pool contractors. Our team is unparalleled in craftsmanship and customer service and deliver a beautiful, showstopping inground with every installment. When you work Caribbean Pools, you’ll be working with a professional team that has:

  • Over 40 years of experience and more than 100 inground pools installed each year
  • Expert pool designers who work to uncover your wants and dreams to design the ultimate poolscape for your yard
  • An efficient and hands-on installation process that takes care of securing permits, scheduling inspections, and everything in between
  • Comprehensive, on-site training to ensure you can properly run your pool equipment and maintain the cleanliness and balance of your water

We Are More Than Your Typical Pool Construction Company

Many of the pool construction companies near Chesterton simply offer pool construction and installation, and that’s it. At Caribbean Pools, though, we have learned that clients look for a contractor that can provide them more than the basic pool services. Having a trusted and knowledgeable source for all of your pool questions and supply needs is essential and highly useful. Due to that, we have built up our company to provide clients across Northwest Indiana and the great Chicagoland area with the pool services they want and need all in one easy-to-access location. 

  • Professional Maintenance: Caribbean Pools has professional pool technicians in the field six days a week to assist clients with water balancing, quick repairs, and cleanings.
  • Expertly Recommended Pool Chemicals: Keeping your pool clean and safe for your family to enjoy is essential. Find the best pool chemicals to maintain your chemical levels and pool cleanliness online or in our stores located in Valparaiso, Schererville, and Mokena.
  • High-Quality Supplies: Whether you’re looking for a new skimmer, hose extensions for your pool vacuum, or a new pool cover, Caribbean Pools has the supplies you need. From toys to essential cleaning tools, you can find exactly what you need at great prices.
  • Backyard Living Design: No inground pool is complete without a beautiful, built-up patio. Finish off your poolscape without outdoor entertainment options such as a high-quality outdoor kitchen, or install a relaxing hot tub to enjoy when you’re looking for relaxation.

Call Our Contractors Today!

Stop scrolling through the list of pool construction companies near Chesterton and call Caribbean Pools instead. Our professional pool contractors are here to help you design and install the ultimate poolscape right in your backyard. Call or send us a message to uncover the details about your new pool.

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