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Pool Contractors Near Chesterton

Create the ultimate poolside paradise right in your own backyard with Caribbean Pools & Spas’ pool contractors near Chesterton. With over 40 years of pool design, construction, and renovation experience, our pool professionals are the go-to contractors for pool owners and Northwest Indiana residents. Get in touch with Caribbean Pools today to learn more about how our pool contractors near Chesterton can transform your yard in the blink of an eye.

What Our Pool Contractors Near Chesterton Can Do for You

As pool contractors near Chesterton, our job is to provide Northwest Indiana residents with the best inground pool installation, renovation, and repair services. We have a team of expert inground pool technicians out in the field assisting clients with maintenance services six days a week. From opening your pool at the beginning of the season to expertly closing it once the temperatures begin to drop, Caribbean Pools & Spas can provide you with the best pool services around. 

Our pool contractors near Chesterton offer a vast range of inground pool maintenance services. When you’re looking to save time on cleanings and tune-ups, give Caribbean Pools & Spas a call. Some of our expert services include:

  • Heater tune-ups and maintenance
  • Auto cover cleaning and maintenance
  • Water cleaning and balancing
  • Salt cell cleanings
  • General maintenance visits

Visit our online store to schedule a maintenance visit, or give your closest retail location a call. Our team will happily set up an appointment for you.

Creating the Ultimate Poolside Paradise

Your backyard poolside paradise consists of more than just the crystal clear waters of your inground pool. You deserve to have a beautiful space to hang out and soak in all the benefits of your pool. Boost your poolside relaxation by installing a high-quality, state-of-the-art hot tub or spa. Buy the best hot tub brands, such as Dimension One, at Caribbean Pools & Spas. 

Are you ready to install a sensational outdoor kitchen with a slick, new powerful grill for a fantastic BBQ? How about a beautifully designed and crafted outdoor fireplace for those cool summer evenings? Or how about a versatile umbrella, pergola, or gazebo? We’ve got you covered! The possibilities are endless when you work with Caribbean Pools & Spas to transform your backyard! 

Begin the Process Today

Whether you’re looking for pool contractors near Chesterton to install, repair, or maintain your pool or want someone to come and completely redo your backyard space, Caribbean Pools & Spas has the experience and team to complete your job. To schedule a consultation with our pool contractors near Chesterton, contact us through phone, message, or in-person at your nearest retail location. 

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