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Pool Contractors Near Valparaiso

When you have the opportunity to install an inground pool, it’s one worth considering. After all, an inground pool will change your summers for the better. There’s nothing like diving into cool waters on a hot day, and with our team, you can make it a reality. Caribbean Pools is a company that’s followed a dedicated mission of over 40 years long. Our team of pool contractors near Valparaiso is passionate about helping our clients get the poolscape they’ve always dreamed of. 

Jump Right Into Pool Construction 

Installing an inground pool is a worthwhile investment. The amount of enjoyment your family gets from a beautiful inground pool is invaluable. In just a few weeks, you will have your very own private getaway situated right in your backyard. People with inground pools report feeling much happier and may even be healthier than those without since it’s the perfect opportunity to exercise and relieve stress. 

Is your choice to install an inground pool set in stone? It’s time to get in touch with a talented pool contractor. Pool construction is an exciting process that’s best left handled by our professionals. We will help you navigate all stages of the construction process so you can focus on looking forward to the end results. 

Pool construction involves a few distinct steps:

  • Consultation. First, you need to talk to our team about the design. A poolscape’s design is important to its overall comfort. Finding a design can be challenging, however, especially when you need it to fit the dimensions of your yard. Let our team guide you. We’ll discuss your ideas at a consultation and help you find a layout that works for your family. 
  • Permit Approval. Before we do any actual construction, we must work with local authorities to get your plan approved. We’ve handled the permit approval countless times, so you’ll have nothing to worry about. 
  • Excavation. The first step is to dig a giant hole in your yard where the pool will go. This is referred to as the excavation process. Then, we install the basic frame of your pool. 
  • Installation. Once we have the basic outline of the pool in place, we get to work on installing all other components of the pool, including the sides, the vinyl lining, plumbing and other technical parts. 
  • Startup. After everything is finished, we start up your pool and test it for any potential problems. Once our team confirms everything is good to go, we clean up, and your brand new pool is ready. 

Pool installation typically lasts about seven to eight weeks. This time frame varies depending on the weather and other delays. We work efficiently while upholding the highest standards of quality, so you will be pleased to have our team do the job. 

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A pool is your key to enjoying your summers every year. And with all the options at Caribbean Pools, you are certain to find something that speaks to your family’s unique needs. Don’t miss out on one of life’s greatest experiences: learn what it means to have your very own inground pool by talking to our contractors

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