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Professionals Keep Pool Installation near Portage Painless

When you have an expert working on any project, you will have peace of mind and know that the job will get done correctly and on time. At Caribbean Pools & Spas, our crew members have been in the industry for years. Since 1976, we have been assisting community members here in the region to create their own personal oasis right in their backyards. An inground pool is a source of summer fun, making memories, and relaxing the night away. Our team can take you through the whole process step by step to ensure that everything is completed correctly and efficiently. We work with expert technicians that will take care of your project and go over everything you need to know as a new pool owner.

Pool Installation near Portage Puts Fun in Your Life

If you are thinking about installing a new inground pool, then it is time to discuss with your neighborhood pool professionals. Once you have decided to get going, we will take care of permits, the electrical work, laying tile, excavation and removal of dirt, stone backfill, concrete apron around your pool and more. Your first decision will be not only where the pool can fit and work on your property, but also the design of the pool and its shape. We can go over your choices and help you determine what will work best at your place, as every project is different. Once the design is in place, our construction team will be over to start installing your inground pool. Depending on the weather, the construction of your pool is expected to take a few weeks. We will keep you informed as the process moves forward.

Your new pool package has all of the equipment that you will need. We will leave you with a start-up kit, mesh winter cover and offer our expertise on water balancing and how to deal with chemicals and your inground pool equipment. You can bring in water samples to our locations for assistance on a breakdown of what your pool water chemicals mean and what you need to do if there is an imbalance.

More than Pool Installation Near Portage

Once you are part of our Caribbean Pool family, you will always be. If you need help with opening and closing your pool at anytime, our crew members are here for you. We also have varied pool maintenance packages that can help you with cleaning and chemical application. Our locations carry a variety of items that will help you maintain and have fun in your pool as well. As the years go by, your pool may require renovations or repairs. We are trained to work on pool equipment and bring old pools back to life.

Get Your Portage Pool Installation Going

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