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Design, construction, service, renovation, repairs, supplies and maintenance are among the vital offerings we provide to pool owners here at Caribbean Pools. You will find everything you need from products to services at our place, and our expertise is honed from years of working in the industry. Our professional team can assist your family from Day One to Year 20 of being a pool owner! With locations right in your neighborhood, we are able to serve residents in both Chicagoland and the Northwest Indiana region. We are honored and proud to be a top-notch pool provider since 1976!

Beyond Just Pool Supplies in Homer Glen

As a soon-to-be pool owner, you may be anxious about the process and chaos coming to your property! Our expert crew can relieve as much of this pressure as possible as we guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. Where to put your inground pool as well as any design ideas are where we will begin our conversation with you. We will listen to your input and offer our advice based on our knowledge and past experiences. Once a plan is in place, the construction team will come out and begin putting in your pool. We take care of everything from lighting, tiling, cement and electrical work and even obtain the proper permits. You are in good hands with our team!

The whole process can take a few weeks as installation is a step-by-step process. We strive to be as customer-focused as possible, and we bring an eye from craftsmanship that you and your family will surely appreciate. Our new pool package is complete and literally has everything that you need. Among the items and services included are the excavation and removal of dirt to make run for your pool, stone backfill, skimmers, drains, ladder, concrete apron around your pool,  heater, cover and initial startup and water balancing.

Pool Supplies, Equipment and Upkeep in Homer Glen

Pools take a lot of beating from the water, chemicals, sun, wind and use. That is why we can assist with any upkeep, renovations or repairs to give your pool its longest life! Our maintenance plan for your pool equipment can range from examining and cleaning your heater to pressure-washing and inspecting your cover and its parts. Our overall maintenance visits will focus on brushing your walls, stairs and water lines, vacuuming the bottom, testing your water and adjusting/adding chemicals as needed and cleaning out your skimmer and pump basket.

Problems may surface as your pool starts to age. We can work on mechanical, electrical and plumbing issues. We can diagnose the problem and offer the right solution.

Find Your Pool Supplies in Homer Glen

Contact us online when you need pool advice or are ready to install a new one! We have extensive experience and knowledge in our industry and are happy to share it with you.

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