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A pool can truly be an oasis among everything that goes on in the world every day. Having your own personal pool can be the basis for many summer memories, festive parties and fun days and nights with family and friends! At Caribbean Pools, our creative and passionate team has been designing, building and maintaining pools since 1976. We are honored to serve our communities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland regions for so many years. We typically install more than 100 inground pools a year, so our crew has the expertise and knowledge to ensure that you have the pool that you have dreamed of since Day One. We take you through the process from beginning to end and can assist with design ideas.

Pool Supplies Available at Our Spot in Orland Hills

Once your pool is in place, you can count on our experts to offer advice and maintenance as needed. Our reoccurring packages have a range of assistance to keep your pool in its best condition. At the top of offerings is a package where our team will work on your pool twice a week with full-service cleanings and addition of chemicals as needed. We also brush your pool walls, vacuum the bottom, backwash if it is needed and test your water. 

We are also available to take a close look at your pool’s equipment as part of ongoing pool maintenance. An auto cover can be inspected, lubricated, pressure-washed and cleaned and application of a protectant. We can also check out your filter, heater or salt cell. We carry a mix of pool products as well, such as liners, covers and chemicals, which you can purchase in our stores.

Way More Than Pool Supplies Available in Orland Hills

At Caribbean, our professional team of experts is available to help if you are ready to be a first-time pool owner! Constructing a new pool is a process that we are familiar with due to our years of work. The construction begins with the initial design consultation where we will discuss one-on-one your ideas. Next up is all of the components of the construction from lighting and tiling to electrical work and cementing. We obtain your permit and leave you ready to go with a start-up kit.

Other Caribbean Pool services include: pool openings and/or closings, renovations or repairs. Renovating your pool may be the right plan for you, especially if your walls are damaged or showing signs of wear or even if you are just ready for a new design. We can change the size or shape of your pool.

Connect with Experts, Pool Supplies in Orland Hills

Contact us online when you are ready for a pool or need some help! Our team is ready to work with you on a new pool plan, maintenance strategy or loading you up with all of the supplies that you need.

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