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Get All of Your Supplies in one Spot for Your St. John Pool

We understand what pool owners need to keep their oasis blue and beautiful! Here at Caribbean Pools & Spas, we have been serving our customers in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region since 1976. Your pool or hot tub is an investment that will give back many hours and family fun and relaxing enjoyment! Our team has all of the supplies, knowledge and expertise to be there for you year after year and season after season. We can guide you on preventative maintenance and help educate you on everything you need to know to be the best pool owner that you can be!

Supplies and Service for Your St. John Pool

We are here for you whether it is the beginning of your swimming season or the end. We can provide both pool opening or pool closing services. Some of the services included in our inground pool closing package: checking for leaks, blowing out your skimmer lines, draining your heater and blowing it out, shutting off your gas valves and taking care of your bottom drain. We can help with your spa as well.

The off-season may be the time to address any needed pool repairs, which our team can also help with. Our technicians can diagnose problems and offer a solution. We can help with a range of common pool repairs, such as pump or pool filter service or your general plumbing. We can help with your pool light and bulb replacement or a new light system. No matter what service you need done, we will offer free estimates first.

Pool Supplies and Maintenance Plans in St. John

If you are not wanting to handle your own water maintenance, talk to a member of our team about what our varied packages include to help you keep your pool at its best. At the top, our package has our experts coming out to your place twice a week. We will clean your whole pool and apply chemicals during our visits. At the lower end, we can help with just your chemical application if you choose to take on your own cleaning. The middle package is the best of both worlds with a full visit one day and a chemical visit the other day. We also will focus on your specific pool equipment if it is in need of maintenance or repairs. We are also knowledgeable about salt systems.

Connect With Us For Your Pool Supplies in St. John 

We are proud to offer no-cost water testing at our retail locations, so that you better maintain your water levels through the power of knowledge! We have teams of experienced technicians in the field to help us reach you as soon as we can to take care of any issues that you may have. Reach out to us through our contact form

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