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Pool Supplies Tinley Park Keep Your Water Clear

When you have an inground pool installed by our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas, you become part of our family! But beyond a new pool installation, our services extend to the life of your pool and we can assist you as long as you own a pool. We have been around since 1976 and continue to serve our communities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region. We understand how an inground pool is an investment and a want for your family and not a need. We take care of our pool owners from the time the first dirt is turned during installation to the yearly process of winterizing your water and equipment for the colder months and everything in between. Our team can help with our varied pool services, answer your questions and offer advice, test your water and help you pick out the right supplies and toys.

Pool Supplies for Your Water and More Near Tinley Park

When you own a pool, you will need some vital products that we carry at our locations throughout the region. The top supply that you will need to replenish over the life of your pool are pool chemicals. The chemicals are vital to keeping your water clear and preventing the growth of algae and bacteria. Maintaining the proper chemical makeup of your inground pool water takes time and testing. If you need help deciphering your own results or want us to test your pool water, our Caribbean crew members can help. We offer the key chemicals that you will need such as chlorine, pH balancers and oxidizers. 

Beyond pool chemicals, other supplies that we carry include pool equipment, such as filters. The filter system needs to be maintained with the proper filter. We can assist with this process if you are unsure or have questions. We also carry the cleaning tools that you will need to keep your pool water sparkling as well as hot tub products.

Pool Supplies and Beyond for Your Tinley Park Pool

If you are wanting assistance with maintaining your pool, we can help with a list of maintenance services. Our packages are geared toward fitting your needs. We can help test your water and clean your pool on a weekly basis during swimming season. We can also open and close your pool at the beginning and end of the warmer weather. If you need your equipment inspected or repaired, our trained technicians can review the status of your components and get them back to working properly. We provide services for filter cleaning, maintaining and cleaning your auto cover combo, tune-up your heater, cleaning your salt system or a general maintenance visit for brushing walls, stair, vacuuming and beyond.

Reach Out to Our Team for Pool Supplies Near Tinley Park

If you need assistance or have any questions, contact us via our online contact form. 

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