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Porter County Big Green Egg Dealer Knows the Grills

Outdoor spaces and kitchens are truly complemented by a unique, one-of-a-kind cooking platform –  that is exactly what Big Green Egg grills are! While their shape and color make them stand out, it is their benefits that take them to the top of the list. The grills are dependable with a lifetime warranty and ability to withstand the high heat needed to cook. The grills offer versatility to cooks who are culinary experts or beginners. You can keep them running at a low heat for a long time or at a high heat depending on what you are creating in your outdoor kitchen. 

Porter County Big Green Egg Dealer Has the Expertise to Help

You will find that there are different types of grills that can range depending on your budget and what you plan to cook or grill. Smaller, more compact and portable units are for on-the-go grilling at picnics, parties and tailgates. These won’t be able to handle as much food, but are a good option for vacations, camping and beach visits. Grill masters would enjoy a larger grill that can handle more food and are higher powered to crank out whole meals at a time. All Big Green Eggs are what is called, kamado-style. This means that the grill can run for a while at a lower temperature or at a high heat level, depending on what you are cooking up.

That smoky flavor can be grilled up on the Big Green Egg that is powered by charcoal. For the best outcome and output, our team at Caribbean Pool & Spas recommends utilizing all-natural lump charcoal and not regular charcoal and lighter fluid.

Porter County Big Green Egg Dealer Takes Outdoor Kitchens Up a Notch

The outdoors have always been our things here at Caribbean – from pools and hot tubs to kitchens and pergolas! We pride ourselves on helping many in our region design and put together the space outdoors that they are looking for to make new memories with neighbors, friends and family. Beyond a kitchen space, we can help with an outdoor fireplace, which is different from a fire pit. It is just like an indoor fireplace, but outside. 

Decorating your outdoor area may include the addition of a gazebo or pergola. It can help define and create the space for hanging out and chilling. There are manufacturer-grade versions that can be easy to assemble and install. We have umbrellas on hand at our locations as well.

Porter County Big Green Egg Dealer is Ready to Connect Today

An outdoor space or outdoor kitchen can really add to your home and property. It can be a landing place to chill and hang out with family, friends and neighbors all-year-round, if it is designed correctly. Contact us through our online contact form with your ideas. 

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